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Whether you are an independent power producer, a public utility or a manufacturer producing your own power, Siemens O&M can help you boost your operating efficiency, reduce downtimes, mitigate your risks, widen your competitive edge, maximize your performance and increase the profitability of your assets.          

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Remote Operations
Environment, Health & Safety
Custom-Tailored Contracts
Plant Value Enhancement
Training and Qualification
O&M Assessment
Digital Solutions

Remote Operation

All power plants operated by Siemens are connected to our Global Expert Center to get Remote Support for any kind of technical and operational topics, e.g. for control system.

Additionally, Siemens can supply Remote Operation Services for plants or fleets to help you optimize your personnel structure, bundle expertise and get the fastest access to the global Siemens power plant know-how.

Environment, Health & Safety

Increasing electricity demand and environmental as well as safety considerations have emphasized the need for power plants to operate cleaner, safer and more efficiently.

We can operate your plant in line with ISO 14001 (Environmental) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Safety) to meet the highest standards.

Custom-Tailored Contracts

Our O&M portfolio ranges from individual services to an all-inclusive long-term operation and maintenance program. We can tailor the contract scope to your individual requirements.

Plant Value Enhancement

With more than a century of service to the power generation industry and decades of O&M experience, Siemens builds on its tradition of experience, quality and expertise to every project to offer optimal risk mitigation as well as warranties & performance guarantees.

With our various programs, we strive to enhance the value of your asset over time. Based on your business model, we can optimize your asset focusing on O&M costs, Thermal Performance and Availability/Reliability.

Training and Qualification

Experienced power plant personnel must be available in all technical areas of the power plant. Competency management and training are key factors in fulfilling this requirement.

Apart from classroom training, we do have a wide range of simulators available that are remotely connected to your installation for effectively training the operating personnel under almost “live” conditions.

O&M Assessment

Siemens offers customized external O&M Assessments supporting you in the identification of improvement opportunities and strengths of your organization which allows you to further improve the performance of your asset.

Digital Solutions

Based on sophisticated data analytics, we can enhance plant operation, reduce operational costs, uncover improvement potentials and increase overall transparency, always using state-of-the-art digital tools and solutions.

Commitment to Service Excellence

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Scope of service

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) service means that we care about your assets. With our experienced and highly qualified personnel, we can provide a variety of services.

All these services are provided by an organization, which is managed in compliance with international Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental standards. In addition we will provide regular updates and modernizations of your Power Plant technology aligned to your business requirements.


Your benefits

Whether you are an independent power producer, a public utility or a manufacturer producing your own power, Operation & Maintenance Services (O&M) by Siemens will help you to:

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Our experience worldwide

Our Operation & Maintenance experience worldwide

Over the past 30 years Siemens O&M has developed to a top generating company. With more than 1,000 employees, we supply more than 100 million people worldwide with reliable energy.

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With more than a century of service to the power generation industry, Siemens brings experience, quality and expertise to every project. In fact, our O&M fleet experience totals more than 55 GW worldwide.

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