SGT-800 Performance Enhancement

Applicable for 43-47,5 MW units

With more than 350 units sold over 20 years, and six million operating hours, the SGT-800 is the market-leading gas turbine for combined cycle applications in its power range.  In our constant focus on customer needs, Siemens is introducing an extensive performance boost for parts of the existing fleet. Siemens latest SGT-800 components have been designed in evolutionary steps, proving every stage of the development. 

All information about the SGT-800 Performance Enhancement at a glance.

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The SGT-800 performance enhancement

Enabling fuel savings and CO2 emission reduction

This performance upgrade offers up to 3,5% increase of simple cycle GT efficiency, and up to an additional 10 MW output, enhancing the power of 43-47,5 MW units up to 53 MW. For a combined cycle application this could give a power increase of more than 20 MW and 3,5% lower heat rate. The heat rate improvement will enable fuel savings and a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions. A contribution to a sustainable future! 

Key benefits of the new SGT-800 upgrade

  • Improved efficiency
  • Enables fuel savings
  • Higher power output
  • Increased profitability
  • Implementable during scheduled overhauls

Potential to extend time between overhauls when combining the upgrade with a tailored maintenance plan (FlexLTP)

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Boost the performance of the SGT-800 gas turbine

Get more information about our performance upgrade for one of the market-leading gas turbines for combined cycle applications.