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The right service partner

Energy is one of today’s most important commodities. To ensure its availability and to avoid power cuts and reduce operation and maintenance costs, operators need their assets’ performance to be transparent. Energy systems today also have to fulfill increasingly stringent requirements for safety and security. To tackle these challenges, Siemens provides comprehensive product-related and value-adding services throughout the entire energy system lifecycle across the energy chain.   A global presence that delivers 24/7 service support and experience from a vast customer installed base makes Siemens the best and most reliable service partner.

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Planning and consulting services

How can you ensure a reliable and efficient power system and supply and also seize new business opportunities in challenging times? We provide a variety of planning and consulting services for planners, architects, utilities, and municipalities. Benefit at any stage of your project from our tailor-made offerings, including professional power system consulting, powerful software tools, expert support for industrial and infrastructure power supply, and energy business advisory services.

Trusted power system excellence

The rapid changes and growing complexity in today’s energy system and energy market are creating new challenges for all participants. To ensure reliable, efficient, safe, and future-proof power generation, transmission, distribution, and industrial power supply, sound advice from experienced experts and powerful tools are essential.

With power system consulting, you profit from our legacy of world-renowned engineering experience and innovative software and technologies. Our power system simulation software (PSS) offers powerful and intuitive tools for power system planners and operators in their daily grid simulation and analysis work. And we support electrical designers in finding holistic solutions for infrastructures, buildings, and industrial applications. Our energy business advisory services also open doors to future value creation with infrastructure development, business transformation, market and transaction advisory, and more.

Product-related services

How can you keep your power transmission and distribution assets at their best while today’s energy system is undergoing a dramatic transformation? We support power transmission, power distribution, and industrial customers throughout the entire lifecycle along the energy chain with our comprehensive product-related services. This ensures the safety and security of people and installations as well as the efficient continuity of operations.

Mastering the challenges of changing energy systems

Product related services

Availability is key in every part of today’s energy system, as is maintaining and improving grid stability and performance by monitoring all power distribution assets. But due to the ongoing system transformation, this is becoming more and more challenging.

To keep your grid infrastructure on the cutting edge of sustainability, reliability, security, efficiency, environmental friendliness, and business value, we provide you with comprehensive product-related services for all kinds of energy system assets. Our product-related services include field and maintenance services, repair and emergency services, and spare-part service. We also provide modernization and retrofit services and data-driven services like asset management, remote service, and monitoring diagnostics.

Digital services

How can you turn data into new business opportunities, smarter, more reliable and efficient grids, and high-performing energy systems? Our digital service experts provide you with data-driven, customized services that help you efficiently manage your operations and maintenance activities and make accurate and confident decisions. Benefit from our smart combination of product and process expertise and data analytics.

Turning data into better performance

In the digital age, almost all assets create data that have immense value for all parts of the energy system and energy chain – if you know how to use them. At the same time, digitalization both offers and requires new services to reduce unplanned downtime and improve operational efficiency.

MindSphere Application Centers allow you to benefit from co-creating digital offerings. When it comes to cyber security, you can rely on the Charter of Trust, a document signed by Siemens and partners. Our PSS power system simulation and modeling software supports grid simulation and analysis work. And there’s more: With managed services, you receive Siemens’ global grid control and grid application solutions as a service.

Financial services

How can you pave the way for future energy business models and financial competiveness? With adaptive financing solutions from a reliable and trusted partner: Siemens supports your investments in energy-related services and technology by offering project finance, equipment and leasing solutions, structured finance, capital loans, and financial advisory services. We can design a financial solution with the precise needs of your market and project in mind.

Financing success – for today and the future

Finance is playing an increasingly important role in facilitating investments in the energy sector. The ongoing transformation of today’s energy systems and markets and growing industrial digitalization are rapidly changing the energy business. To stay competitive and to seize new business opportunities requires a certain amount of investment.

Whether it’s equipment and technology finance, working capital finance, project finance, or corporate lending – we’ll provide you with custom financial solutions combined with unparalleled technology expertise to ensure that you can focus on your core business, thrive with new opportunities, and rely on a solid foundation for growth. Our offerings are available to businesses of all sizes.

Training services

How can you keep up with evolving knowledge and technologies for energy systems? Siemens offers a comprehensive program of professional training events in the fields of power generation, distribution, and transmission at 31 training centers around the world. Benefit from our close proximity to your business environments, our extensive program, and our long tradition of delivering customized training courses at a wide variety of levels.

Local training from a global network

Knowledge is power – and so are well-trained skills. Both are key for technicians and operators in order to ensure safe, secure, and efficient energy systems. To stay up to date and well-trained, professional trainings from experienced experts are essential. That’s where our Siemens Power Academy comes in: It’s the hub of all product-related training at Siemens and will link you with experts from the appropriate product lines.

Our global network offers training courses at our many training centers around the world – or if it’s more appropriate, right at your own plant. In addition to customer-specific requirements, our training offering includes numerous standardized sessions on primary and secondary technology, transmission solutions like HVDC, FACTS, and VDC, and on power system planning, simulation, and operation. Are you looking for non-technical training? We provide diverse courses on tools, processes, OS administration, and software development.


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