Industrial grid planning

Power system consulting services from Siemens PTI for industrial power supply

A blackout in Germany would cost

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  • * Source: EWI Working Paper, No 13/07, April 2013

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Fault prevention with power quality analytics

In past years, power quality studies have been used to identify the root cause of disturbances and outages. Now, this innovative digital service enables you to detect disturbances, prevent equipment damage, and reduce outage costs.

Power system consulting

Improve your industrial power supply

The ever increasing pressure for competitiveness in the industrial sector creates unique opportunities and challenges, and particularly in the energy domain. Industries need reliable, economic and safe power to supply their process loads.

Professional consulting and planning for industrial power supply

In the energy domain, system operators and stakeholders are facing disruptive opportunities and risks, which cause the necessity for transparent and detailed evaluations of potential value propositions and efficiency measures. Industrial power systems are also affected by this new environment. To build and maintain reliable, high-quality, resilient, and efficient industrial networks under these conditions, Siemens Power Technologies International (PTI) can support you with comprehensive analyses, including the services highlighted below.

Highlighted cases for industrial networks


Power quality related faults: Small causes, serious consequences

Small failures of electrical equipment can lead to large power outages with severe impact on operations and business. Power Quality Analytics is an innovative and scalable digital service to detect disturbances, prevent damage to equipment, and reduce outage costs in electrical grids. The application of modern AI algorithms supports the evaluation of PQ recorder data by identification of abnormal states, evaluation of their criticality and possible disturbance sources.


Detect anomalies and eliminate them - before they impact your business

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Arc flash studies

An electrical power system is to operate in a safe manner at all times. However, no matter how well designed the system is, faults are feasible to happen during operation or maintenance work on or near live equipment. There is a high risk for severe injury or even death for employees exposed to arc flashes resulting from such faults. Siemens Arc Flash Studies help you ensure the safety of your personnel based on latest arc flash standards.

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Additional services that might be of interest to you

Besides the topics that have been highlighted above, Siemens PTI can provide expert consultancy for many other tasks in the planning of reliable and efficient industrial power supply.


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