PSS®MOD – project modeling and data management for PSS®E

A better way for PSS®E users to manage and exchange model data across multiple time horizons and stakeholders

By revolutionizing the traditional approach to maintaining transmission network models, PSS®MOD's secure, web-based application and central data repository allow multiple users to submit, view, validate and audit planning model data including time-bound network changes organized as multiphase projects.

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Coronavirus impacts on upcoming PSS® User Group Meetings

In consideration of the recent health and safety concerns around the Coronavirus and related travel restrictions, the planned in-person 2020 U.S. and European PSS® User Group Meetings will be replaced with several engaging virtual sessions.

While face-to-face engagement with the PSS® community is ideal, the virtual sessions will enable PSS® users to keep up to date with the latest product developments and have focused discussions directly with the product experts. The exact dates and registration information will be provided to customers in the near future.

PSS®MOD software

Submit, review, validate, and exchange data with ease

PSS®MOD is used by Independent System Operators (ISOs), Regional Transmission Operators (RTOs), Planning Authorities with remote members, and transmission companies with local users. PSS®MOD allows you to coordinate the submission of network model data from local and/or remote users and provides access to complete study cases “on demand” for any point in time.

PSS®MOD standard features

  • ­Organize and reorganize study cases without the need to generate a multitude of PSS®E "base cases”
  • ­Storage of a single master network model
  • Accommodation of seasonal and annual profile data sets
  • ­Treat projects as sets of data changes that are applied serially in any order specified by the user
  • Export of a PSS®E file considering equipment commission/decommission dates and out-of-service and in-service dates
  • Provision of an unlimited number of ratings to be applied as Rate A, B and C in an exported PSS®E case

Enhance your PSS®MOD base package with optional add-on modules

Short Circuit Data Manager

PSS®MOD gives you the ability to manage PSS®E Short Circuit Data (i.e. SEQ Files). Sequence Files can be imported into PSS®MOD Administrator and associated with the base case (via the bus number) or a specific project. PSS®MOD takes care to construct and export the correct Sequence File associated with the exported PSS®E case during the Case Build function.

Dynamics Data Manager

A value-added module used to import PSS®E Dynamics data (DYR) files associated with existing PSS®MOD projects, gives you the ability to submit, view and build PSS®E Dynamics case.

Streamline model management processes and increase productivity

Benefits of using PSS®MOD

Without the proper tools, the process of model exchange, assembly, and validation is very complex, error prone, and labor intensive. Homegrown solutions are a burden to maintain, and run the risk of becoming obsolete or unsupported. PSS®MOD provides the basis for transmission planning entities and planning engineers to automate and facilitate model management, benefits include:

  • Reduction of data maintenance costs, modeling errors, and inconsistencies
  • Increased productivity by minimizing time spent on model maintenance, building cases, and performing studies 
  • Elimination of duplicate data management efforts
  • ­Application lifecycle cost savings derived by migrating from a custom internal application to a fully supported, industry standard product maintained by a major vendor – also hedging against an aging workforce
  • North America: supports NERC-MOD-32 compliance
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PSS®MOD releases

What’s new in PSS®MOD?

Take a look at the latest product developments and news.


Ability to lock data submittal by User Role - Start using the new options for locking data submittal and editing. Administrators now have the option to temporarily disable data submission and editing by user role. This will allow a more reliable case build as no additional data or status changes will be seen during that process.

Added Administrative User roles - A new privilege added to user roles allows a “super user” the ability to submit changes for data outside their group. This is intended to assist administrators in making changes to submissions on behalf of users when they are unable to make changes to their data. Any changes will be logged, and notifications will be sent to users when the data is edited. All data must then go through the standard review process.

Improved case build time with parallel processing - The case build time for multiple cases has been improved by parallelizing the work (e.g., for 20 cases an improvement around 33% can be achieved).


PSS®MOD Filebuilder redesign to make it easier to install - Filebuilder communication with PSS®E to support PSS®E dependent features has been updated to avoid the usage of the RPC interface. This will allow an easier installation as you no longer need a port release from the IT department. Now PSS®E as a service runs in the background in embedded mode and communicates with PSS®MOD Filebuilder in foreground for PSS®E related activities. A considerable improvement in performance has been observed for the same.


Project/Phase Additional Data can be populated from PSS®MOD Filebuilder - Synchronize additional Project and Phase information defined in PSS®MOD with Filebuilder. This can be done by downloading “MODConfig.xml” from PSS®MOD and placing it in Filebuilder installed directory. This additional information can be populated in Filebuilder and can be opted to be part of “user defined fields” for project and phase headers.


The PSS®MOD 10.3 is now available for download!

Release notes and download instructions were sent upon release to customers who are current in Maintenance and Support.


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PSS®MOD in action

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New software delivers transformative efficiencies to seasonal modeling processes, improving internal model building processes

ISO/RTO network modeling with PSS®MOD | United States Working with member utilities across multiple states, an ISO/RTO conducts regular regional planning and operational analysis to ensure that the network remains capable of meeting ever-changing demand. The traditional approaches to seasonal series modeling were highly time-consuming and iterative processes that were repeated year after year. This process was error prone and data changes were not captured in subsequent yearly model builds. Working with its partner, Siemens Power Technologies International (PTI), a new web-based network modeling solution was deployed that significantly streamlined the entire process, producing valuable labor savings and enabling higher quality deliverables. 


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