PSS®ODMS – CIM-based transmission network modeling and analysis software

PSS®ODMS – your CIM-based transmission network modeling and analysis software

PSS®ODMS closely aligns real and virtual worlds – enabling you to utilize a single source of truth for all of your network modeling and analysis needs

Transmission operations studies and analyses are only as good as the data or models on which they are based. With the PSS®ODMS multipurpose solution, you can easily create, manage, validate, and exchange network models for use in long-term planning studies, near-term operational planning, and real-time system operation.

Siemens Magazine - Digital Twin Power Grid, Apr 25, 2018

Doubling down on America’s largest transmission system

Make no doubt, the future is electric. And it has this utility seeing double. American Electric Power (AEP) will soon have a digital twin of the largest transmission system in the U.S. The advantages? Centralized data, enhanced asset management and simplified grid planning – plus the ability to see into the future of their customers’ needs.

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PSS®ODMS software

Your trusted solution for CIM-based transmission network modeling and analysis

PSS®ODMS is a CIM-based network modeling and analysis tool that bridges the gap between multiple utility domains. It provides power system planners, operations planners, system operators and IT managers with a variety of capabilities.

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Unique benefits for every application

Seamless data management and exchange across multiple utility domains

By designing and deploying a standards-based network model management solution, AEP can leverage emerging industry technologies around data management and data analytics.
Eric Hatter, T-Nexus program manager at American Electric Power

Automated, repeatable, and accurate production of solved forecast cases

Achieve ENTSO-E requirements to ensure interoperable data exchange

Anticipate, assess, and mitigate real-time issues without deploying a full EMS

Save time, reduce errors, and simplify the process of creating offline cases based on real-time data

Typically, a single customer would not encounter all of these use cases simultaneously. That is why PSS®ODMS can be priced and deployed in different configurations – so you can get only the functionality that matches your use cases. PSS®ODMS is very modular, allowing the addition of functionality over time.

Improve efficiency and ensure reliability

With its flexibility, lightweight deployment, ease of use, CIM (IEC 61970) compatibility, open architecture, public APIs, and seamless integration with planning tools like PSS®E, PSS®ODMS can benefit power companies of various sizes and functions, including TSOs, ISOs, RTOs, balancing authorities, reliability coordinators, and integrated utilities.


Benefits include:

  • Greater efficiency in your model exchange workflows / business processes
  • Higher degree of accuracy in your power system studies, models, and simulations
  • Increased power system reliability/security
  • Fewer regulatory violations/fines
  • Turnkey compliance with key regulatory requirements around model accuracy, audit trails, network analysis, and model exchange, and network model / data formats
PSS®ODMS releases

What’s new in PSS®ODMS?

Take a look at the latest product developments and news.

Network Model Management

Attach documents directly to elements (SQL Server database only)
Users can now attached documents directly to network elements. This feature allows you to link and store datasheets, pictures, reports, and more directly in PSS®ODMS. 


Ability to export the network summary
Network summaries can now be exported as a CSV file from CIMEdit. Using the CSV file, the network summary can now be easily incorporated into reports or to compare model summaries. 


Export CIM/XML reports without PTI extensions 
Users now have the option to export CIM/XML without the PTI extension data. This allows various tools, which can not handle PTI user extensions as part of XML, to still consume the exported XML.


New OPC Unified Architecture (UA) Client
The new OPCsync supports OPC UA (Unified Architecture) protocol in addition to the legacy protocols (OPC DA and OPC HDA). OPC UA leverages configurable ports which enables the protocol to be more firewall friendly and the server can be run on Windows OS and Linux as it is platform independent. Finally, the new OPCsync allows the subscription to multiple set points as well as resolving deadlock.


Contingency Analysis supports multiple voltage limit sets
Similar to flow violations, Contingency Analysis can now support multiple limit sets (normal and emergency). This gives you more flexibility to choose the different limit sets you use for Contingency Analysis.


The PSS®ODMS v11.6 is now available for download!

Release notes and download instructions were sent upon release to customers who are current in Maintenance and Support.

Learn more about the PSS®ODMS releases:

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Would you like to know more about our CIM-based network modeling and analysis software? Here you will find all the latest information on PSS®ODMS including brochures, webinars, support links, and more.

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Transmission operations studies and analyses are only as good as the data or models that they are based on – that is why it is crucial to utilize an all-in-one tool for data management / maintenance. Contact us to learn how PSS®ODMS can help you tackle your modeling and analysis challenges.

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