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PSS®SINCAL modules for electrical as well as pipe networks, and model and workflow management

PSS®SINCAL offers more than

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  • for facilitating the planning, design and operation of electrical and pipe networks – including tools for model and workflow management.

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Electricity modules

PSS®SINCAL modules for electrical network planning

Supporting all network types from the lowest to the highest voltage levels with balanced and unbalanced network models, PSS®SINCAL offers you a various range of capabilities from short-term to long-term planning tasks, fault analysis, reliability, harmonic response, protection coordination, stability (RMS), electromagnetic transient (EMT) studies, and more. Explore the various capabilities PSS®SINCAL offers for electricity network planning and analysis.

Electricity – basic modules

Electricity – enhanced modules

Electricity – dynamics

Electricity – enhanced dynamics

Electricity – frequency domain

Electricity – protection modules

Electricity – strategy modules

Electricity – model packages

Pipe network modules

PSS®SINCAL modules for pipe network planning

From gas to water as well as heating/cooling – PSS®SINCAL offers you a comprehensive range of modules for all kinds of pipe networks.

Pipe network – gas modules

Pipe network – water (specific) modules

Pipe network – heating/cooling (specific) modules

Model and workflow management

PSS®SINCAL model and workflow management modules

 Enhance your platform with model and workflow management modules for all network types.
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