PSS®CAPE– computer-aided highly-detailed protection simulation and analysis

PSS®CAPE is used in over

  • countries around the world

  • by protection engineers working for major utilities, transmission system operators, generation companies and consultancies. PSS®CAPE has the distinct advantage of offering the largest and most highly detailed library of relay models available.

Press Release | October 3, 2018

Siemens strengthens digital twin efforts with U.S. grid protection software acquisition

Siemens acquired the specialized software company Electrocon International Inc. (EII) to uniquely enhance simulations of power grids and strengthen the company’s electrical digital twin efforts.  With the largest and most detailed library of relay models available, EII’s CAPE (Computer-Aided Protection Engineering) software uniquely complements Siemens’s leading PSS® software suite in the field of protection simulation and analysis - aiding customers to more precisely uncover conditions of potential protective device misoperation and resulting avoidable power outages. 


Ensure reliable protection operation, maximize security, and prevent cascading blackouts.

PSS®CAPE (previously known as Electrocon’s CAPE software) supports transmission and distribution protection engineers with their entire workflow including detailed protection data collection, electronic setting management, setting calculations and validation.

Key features at a glance

  • Detailed modeling capabilities based on a single open source database.
  • Support for analysis and simulation to solve data management issues, uncover potential network and protective device problems, and evaluate alternatives.
  • Support for networks of any size.
  • Support for setting complex modern digital relays.
  • Support for relay coordination functions and wide-area studies.
  • Ability to integrate with PSS®E transient stability to allow the kind of evaluation of wide-area control needed to avoid cascading outages and blackouts.

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