Product support for power transmission and power distribution

Product support and services from Siemens for power transmission and power distribution assets
Product support and services from Siemens for power transmission and power distribution assets

Maintain and improve the availability, performance and life cycle of your power transmission and distribution assets

Siemens provides comprehensive product-related and value-added services for energy systems. We support power transmission, power distribution, and industrial customers throughout the entire lifecycle of the energy chain. Our services keep the grid infrastructure on the cutting edge in terms of sustainability, reliability, security, efficiency, environmental friendliness and business value.

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Powerful product support for today’s and tomorrow’s energy demand

Energy is one of today’s most important commodities. Whether for industries, companies, millions of private households or public infrastructure – a highly reliable flow and supply of energy at all times is crucial. In order to prevent grid outages, ensure efficient and smooth net operation, and keep power transmission and distribution competitive and profitable at the same time, we offer TSOs, DSOs, and industrial grid operators comprehensive services for their systems and assets.
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Keep your power infrastructure reliably up-to-date in terms of availability, efficiency, lifecycle and environmental friendliness: benefit from our vast expert know-how and comprehensive services for all kinds of power supply products, systems, and assets regarding power transmission, power distribution, and industrial energy supply. Based on eight service pillars, our services cover everything you need – from field and maintenance services, repair and emergency services as well as spare parts to modernization and digital services, training and consulting, and service programs.
Customer Support Center

Our Customer Support Center at your service

From standard inquiries to complex technical questions, the experts in our Customer Support Center are available to all customers in charge of or working with our power and energy products and systems.

The Customer Support Center (CSC) from Siemens is a highly-qualified service provider channel for all inquiries in the field of power and energy. We offer competent, reliable and prompt customer support, worldwide, 24 hours a day in English and German, including:

  • 24/7 availability – we ensure availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • First level support – well trained and experienced support agents deal with all incoming requests promptly and professionally to ensure the fastest possible and best assistance.
  • Second level support – experts on the second level clarify incoming requests directly with the customer, e.g. technical questions, orders etc.
  • Process and ticket system – the client-capable ticket system ensures transparency and ticket tracking, including effective escalation management.
  • Escalation management – we monitor the processing of tickets up to a certain status to guarantee a prompt and proper handling of tickets.
  • On-Call Duty Services – we deliver extended services for contract customers, for example with contractually agreed lead times for service technicians arriving on-site.

With your personal account in the Energy Assets App you have easy access to detailed information related to your specific assets. Furthermore, you can register additional assets on your own or raise a ticket at the Customer Support Center.

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SIEAERO – the next generation of overhead line inspection

Operators of energy transmission lines put great effort into identifying potential faults to ensure high reliability of their critical infrastructure. Conventional overhead line inspection means expensive helicopter flights, mostly rough and imprecise results and tedious - often incomplete - documentation.

Siemens brings a new solution to the market: SIEAERO – the next generation of overhead line inspection.

SIEAERO provides comprehensive overhead line documentation and fault detection. Customers benefit from:

  • Fully digitalized service with fast and easy accessible data through interactive web interface or integration into customer asset management system
  • High definition data and highly accurate 3D localization of all sensor data
  • Comprehensive and precise inspection results
  • Comprehensive and precise documentation of the complete transmission lines and transmission line right-of-way
  • Fast results after completion of inspection flights
  • Condition trend monitoring by combination of data from subsequent flight missions from previous years
  • Recommendations and information for preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Ability to edit and annotate findings and plan maintenance work
  • Cost efficient overhead line inspection including data storage, access, assessment, reporting and the ability for any other kind of digital use for assessment management
  • Reduced EHS risks through the use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
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We successfully deliver fast, competent and reliable product support for power transmission and distribution assets to all corners of the earth.
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