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Who can help you meet complex needs, derive long term value to your business, and enable access to technology without burdening you with capital investments? Siemens Managed Services offers the global provision of the Siemens grid control and grid application solutions as a service. This wide portfolio from smart meters to communications and billing, all the way to data centers, turnkey and grid control solutions forms the core of Siemens' Digital service offering.

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Utility Cloud

Article: How the Cloud is Revolutionizing Utilities

Cloud technology is revolutionizing the way utilities maximize operations and enhance data management, especially in retail operations. However, it is not as simple as moving processes and capacity into the cloud. How can utilities reap the benefits of emerging technology?


Cloud-based metering services

At a glance

Built upon the leading EnergyIP Meter Data Management platform and it's applications, Siemens Software as a Service (SaaS) and Managed Services offer utilities a timely, cost-effective and secure solution for planning, implementing and operating their smart metering infrastructure. The cloud-based offerings are easily adjustable and scalable at any time - from hosting applications all the way to operations services.

Our portfolio: M2C as a Service and SCADA as a Service

Siemens delivers enhanced financial, technical and operational value to its customers through enduring service partnerships that encompass consult, design, build, operate and maintain functions throughout a lasting successful relationship and a service lifecycle. At the heart of the service offering is the concept of Siemens providing more immediate results for customers than traditional projects can. Service outcomes can be ‘consumed’ more quickly than a traditional project can purchase, install, set up, configure complex integrations between third parties, and begin operation of an overall solution. The two main service areas are Meter-to-Cash as a Service and SCADA as a Service.

Siemens Meter-to-Cash as a Service delivers immediate results

Siemens offers a reliable, secure and cost-effective alternative to a traditional smart metering solution which requires the utility to procure and install smart meters, set-up a robust communications network, build-up a fault-tolerant computing environment and install and configure all the necessary smart metering applications necessary to support traditional metering operations.

Siemens Meter-to-Cash as a Service covers the provision of all / part of the highlighted boxes as multiple individual services that our customers can consume.

Service Offerings

We offer services that can cater to all sizes of utilities and independent  service providers from thousands of meters to millions of meters.
This includes hardware services such as provision of metering or provision of communication hardware all the way through software services such as provision of an MDM and the surrounding software such as enterprise mobility or integration / translation services utilizing an API Platform. We believe that a large part of the value of our services comes from the experience of our people; built into the services we deliver and in the people that are part of the delivery / operation of your service.

Key Features

With a defined feature set Siemens can put a smart Meter-to-Cash system live into your hands within months

Siemens can add additional classes of metering, add communication options and expand your smart software portfolio into areas like Demand Response, Big Data Analytic Applications as well as Large Power User Prepayment.

By architecting on the leading Energy Software Platform, EnergyIP, in the Cloud we can scale the entire solution from thousands to millions of meters on a monthly basis as you require

Siemens is a leader in execution of processes that surround Smart Meter Rollout programs as well as the processing of such an increased Volume, Variety and Velocity of Big Data that comes out of a Smart Meter Rollout. You can leverage our expertise to avoid common mistakes and decrease time to market.

With the Cloud, Siemens can make the leading Energy Software Platform, EnergyIP, and the rest of the solution available to companies who simply could not afford the CAPEX requirements of their own unique solution. We can provide alternate business models as well as financing, to meet your requirements and your budget.

Rather than squeezing your Innovation budget with an uncertain outcome, talk to us and re-use our finalized Innovation as your own, leapfrogging your competition as well as your own internal programs to go to market faster for less with a proven solution.


Meter-to-Cash as a Service helps you focus on your core business by removing the burden of building and maintaining a complex smart metering solution.

Ultimately Siemens delivers peace of mind so that you can be assured that your deployment will be available, reliable, responsive, and secure for your specific mission-critical meter-to-cash process. Our service drives immediate ROI with decreased deployment times, reduced resource requirements, and without the large capital expense of an on-premise solution.

Siemens SaaS keeps your SCADA system always up-to-date

SCADA as a Service can be offered to electric utilities through hosted solutions which remove all the support and maintenance concerns of the utility. The utility only pays for the use of the software service. There is no need to purchase the SCADA/ADMS software and the server hardware it runs on. In addition, the utility does not need to train IT maintenance personnel. The Siemens team will setup, maintain and regularly upgrade the SCADA/ADMS software and the server hardware.

Service Offerings

Siemens SCADA as a Service offers a menu of services that utilities can consume on an affordable monthly subscription basis, including:

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System Setup & Maintenance Service
  • Distribution Network Applications (DNA) System Setup & Maintenance Service
  • Outage Management (OMS) System Setup & Maintenance Service
  • Advanced Distribution Management (ADMS) System Setup & Maintenance Service
  • Network Model Maintenance Service
  • Device/RTU supply & integration Service
  • Application Evergreen Service
  • Hosting & Infrastructure Service 
  • Operator Training/Simulator Service
  • Reporting & Analytics Service
  • Historical Data Archival, Retrieval and Playback Service

Scalability – from QuickStart to On-Demand Growth

“QuickStart” - with a defined basic SCADA service offering Siemens can onboard new technology and service delivery experiences within months.

“On-Demand Growth” - Siemens can add advanced services such as DNA, OMS, etc. to seamlessly match utilities growing needs and the degree of automation required. By architecting the leading Grid Control Platform Spectrum Power in the Cloud, we can scale the solution from several hundreds to thousands of data points on a monthly subscription basis.


SCADA as a Service  offers new business models and agility for electric utilities, which allow  to meet the ever-changing requirements of power system operations and the growing consumer demands for improved service and reliability at a significantly lower cost.
Benefits include:

by subscribing to the use of software and hardware services based on an operational expenditure service delivery model

via an Application Evergreen service

resulting from increasing penetration of distributed energy resources

by eliminating the need to maintain specialized IT/OT staff, and enabling the utilities to focus on its core operations

of performance indices

and compliance to evolving IT security standards

thus enabling utilities to benefit from network incentives and improved customer satisfaction

and ability to take preventative actions via analytics

as inherent components of the cloud hosted environment, thus preparing utilities for the Internet of Things.

Digitalizing metering on Offshore Wind Projects

Digitalizing metering on Offshore Wind Projects

Siemens Managed Services Networks business describes the challenges, solutions, and benefits of a recent offshore wind project.

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