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Energy like power, heat and cooling is an important determining factor in the economic efficiency of many industries. In addition to the financial aspects, a resilient power supply, which safeguards your processes, is crucial for business continuity. Distributed energy solutions enable industrial users – such as food and beverage, automotive or pulp and paper – to holistically optimize all energy matters from generation and consumption up to re-use. This can be enhanced by active participation in the energy market as additional revenue stream. Siemens’ tailor-made local energy solutions make it possible to achieve previously unattainable levels of cost-efficiency, security of supply and sustainability.

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Industries can require huge amounts of energy like power, heat and cooling, which is a major cost factor. Energy efficiency and security of supply are key for sustainable success and competitiveness. Siemens offers a large range of solutions and services that allow optimizing consumption, avoid peak loads, and increase independence from the main grid. A local energy solution can even create revenue by enabling active participation in the energy market.
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Intelligent approaches to energy efficiency improvements for discrete and process industries

Distributed energy solutions allow you to take control of your energy supply. Local solutions combining the generation of heat, power, and cooling with energy management systems and storage solutions boost your company’s sustainability, resilience, and profitability.

Economic intelligence

Data analytics and energy management enable energy cost optimization thanks to increasingly transparent consumption patterns and new opportunities to control generation and demand. In addition, participation in the electricity market provides the opportunity to generate revenue by selling excess power or participating in energy reserve markets, for example.

Supply intelligence

Distributed energy solutions provide a reliable and resilient energy supply, both in independent operation and connected to the public power grid. Power quality for sensitive processes can be maintained consistently, loads can be balanced in an efficient manner, and power fluctuations caused by intermittent renewable generation can be cushioned.

Sustainability intelligence

An intelligent combination of local power and heat and cooling generation, storage solutions, and energy management systems facilitates a shift toward a more sustainable energy mix. This helps you implement your energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

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