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Energy efficiency. Predictive maintenance. Cybersecurity. To increase energy and cost efficiency at the low-voltage level, it’s crucial not only to know the key trends but to effectively implement them. We support you with innovations that accompany change. 
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The future of electrical power distribution

Which trends are altering the power supply at the low-voltage level?

How can energy efficiency be increased in companies? How can you ensure cybersecurity for electrical infrastructures? And what can ensure an uninterruptible power supply in an increasingly decentralized energy landscape? These questions and trends are driving the electrical power distribution market and influencing it right down to the low-voltage level. That’s why, as a system manufacturer and solutions provider, we’re addressing these challenges with all our innovative strength. For our customers. And for an economically viable future.

Intelligent solutions for economical, reliable low-voltage power distribution both today and tomorrow

Whether they’re energy managers, building managers, or investors, operators today face major challenges in low-voltage power distribution. That’s because the transition to a new energy mix is unstoppable, and it is accompanied by an increasingly acute need to ensure supply security. Growing instabilities in the electrical grid, rising energy costs, higher grid fees, and the pressure to reduce CO2 emissions are driving a change in thinking. Although digitalization is key, it is also creating a greater need for IT security.

In order to offer operators a portfolio of products and solutions for greater energy and operating efficiency in their buildings and facilities in the face of all these developments, we keep a close eye on the trends and requirements in electrical power distribution. What’s more, we’re breaking new ground to find answers to the pressing questions of greater energy efficiency, cybersecurity, and system availability. We’re focusing all our energy on developing innovative solutions in order to always remain on the cutting edge and drive technologies forward. As their partner, we accompany our customers into the digital future and help them ensure a reliable and future-proof power supply.

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Sustainable power supply

Digitalization that creates added value

Higher energy efficiency, fail-safety through predictive maintenance, and ensuring cybersecurity are the trend topics that play a decisive role in shaping power systems. With our integrated digitalization concept for the entire electrical infrastructure at the low-voltage level, you gain a high level of data transparency that helps to significantly meet these requirements.

Energy efficiency: Powered by Zeitgeist.

Today, buildings and industrial processes are increasingly automated. And this trend is growing, which means a greater demand for energy. At the same time, there are increasing demands to reduce power consumption and boost energy efficiency, while also ensuring a secure power supply around the clock. By using digital power monitoring solutions, all energy flows can be made transparent. Based on real-time data provided by the power distribution system, it is possible to achieve energy savings of up to 30 percent. In short: Innovative power monitoring ensures transparency that pays off.

Predictive maintenance: Powered by Zeitgeist.

Unplanned downtimes of electrical systems and equipment are not only expensive, they also endanger the supply of goods and products. Efficient maintenance concepts for electrical and building technology, such as predictive maintenance, are in demand. It is also made possible at the low-voltage power distribution level through digitalization and the use of smart data. Communications-capable protection, switching, measuring, and monitoring devices supply data via condition monitoring, enabling building operators to perform preventive, condition-based maintenance on all components.

Cybersecurity: Powered by Zeitgeist.

Critical infrastructure in particular needs to be protected against cyberattacks. With the defense-in-depth concept, we take a comprehensive approach to protection that also includes power distribution at the low-voltage level. This provides multi-layered digital protection against cyberattacks. It also includes protection that regulates access to the device, signature-based firmware for cybersecure updates, and regular vulnerability analyses as well as their remediation. As a user, you benefit from the cybersecure use of communications-capable devices and cloud-based software tools.

iPDF Digitization in low voltage

At a glance: The opportunities offered by digitally supported power distribution

Read our interactive PDF and learn more about how you can take full advantage of the benefits of digitalization with an integrated digitalization concept for the entire electrical infrastructure at the low-voltage level.


Our offerings for meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow

Digitally supported low-voltage power distribution opens up numerous possibilities so you can be optimally positioned for the requirements of today and tomorrow. Find out which solutions and support we offer to operators, electrical planners, and project managers.
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When it comes to energy efficiency, we’ve got great things in the oven

Using bakeries as an example, discover how our intelligent products and digital solutions can also create efficient, reliable low-voltage power distribution for your company. Energy consumption in bakeries is traditionally high, so opportunities for savings are particularly apparent. Our “SENTRON digital for bakeries” sample application demonstrates what “Powered by Zeitgeist” can look like in practice.

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Success stories: Powered by Zeitgeist.

Many energy managers, facility managers, and investors are already successfully achieving greater energy efficiency, reliability, and cybersecurity in their low-voltage power distribution. Explore a few selected examples here.