Low-voltage power distribution in the digital age

Industrial enterprises in almost every sector are implementing digital technologies to make their processes more efficient and flexible, and to boost their productivity. In this context, the electrical infrastructure assumes a double function: As an integral part of digital environments, it ensures safe, reliable, and efficient power supply to plants, machinery, and buildings, supplying  important data for the industrial Internet of Things at the same time.
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Planning the electric power distribution for industrial plants, infrastructure, and buildings is becoming more and more complex. Innovative software tools, CAx data, or TIA portal support you – as an electrical planner, a switchboard manufacturer, or a panel builder – effectively in your planning and engineering process. Moreover, the digital transformation offers the operators of infrastructures, industrial plants, and buildings huge potentials for higher productivity and efficiency. Already in the short run, operators can reduce their energy costs by up to ten percent if weak points in the consumption can be detected in a targeted way and eliminated with simple means. By identifying energy guzzlers, avoiding load peaks, and optimizing the energy consumed in production and building operation, even up to 30 percent can be saved. Furthermore, failures and blackouts can be avoided, and power supply can be ensured.

Tools, systems, and products for planning, installation, operation, and maintenance

Today, all process steps in electric power distribution can be completely digitally supported – starting with electrotechnical planning. In operation, the continuous recording of power flows provides the transparency and data basis that is essential for digital enterprises – as a foundation for higher energy efficiency and failure safety, as well as for lower costs and CO₂ emissions.

Efficient planning

Faster Installation             Cost-efficient operation / maintenance

Connection to MindSphere

Cloud-based analysis systems

The systematic recording and analysis of energy consumption is the most important requirement for greater energy efficiency and reliability. Integrated in open IoT operating systems such as MindSphere, this optimization potential can be increased even further: Huge volumes of data from countless devices can be quickly and efficiently recorded and analyzed in real time.

Fail-safe power supply

Values for electricity, voltage, and energy can be used, for example, for detailed analyses and systematic management of processes in production and building automation. Malfunctions in technical systems are identified at an early stage, failures are avoided in advance, and operation is made more energy efficient as a whole. Companies benefit from increased production, the more efficient use of their facilities, and an overall increase in competitiveness.

Future-oriented integration in cloud-based analysis systems

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Your customized digital entry

Small and medium-sized companies, in particular, are often confronted with the question of how to deal with the digitalization topic. Or, in concrete terms: What does digitalization mean for your processes? Which products, systems, technologies, and measures do you consider useful to provide the greatest benefit? Our portfolio of field devices and tools offers manifold possibilities.

Optimal energy management

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Would you like to integrate your components and systems into the Internet of Things and take advantage of these benefits?