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Power distribution and the IoT

Creating added value by digitally supporting power distribution

An electrical infrastructure that is seamlessly integrated into digital environments offers maximum transparency in all areas of application. This helps to identify and leverage additional productivity and efficiency potentials.
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The digital future of power distribution

More speed, more precision, more intelligence

Today, all process steps in power distribution for industrial plants, infrastructure, and buildings – from planning and engineering all the way to operation – can be fully digitally supported. At the same time, the integration of electrification and automation components is becoming increasingly tight. This unlocks new potential, ensures significantly higher performance even in complex projects, and opens up new business areas. A holistic cybersecurity concept that includes products and systems as well as the processes and people behind them ensures the comprehensive protection of digitally supported power distribution systems.
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Seizing the opportunities of digitalization

Digitally supported power distribution in practice

The consistent integration of power distribution in digitalization environments as well as cloud-based applications create numerous advantages in everyday practice – for operators of buildings and industrial plants as well as for switchboard manufacturers and machine builders.

Downtime prevention through condition monitoring

A failsafe power supply is of the utmost importance in critical infrastructures such as hospitals or data centers. Modern busbar trunking systems such as SIVACON 8PS enable high operational reliability. The integrated protection and switching devices, such as the 3VA compact circuit breaker, record energy data and in this way enable cloud-based or local network status monitoring of protection and switching devices. This makes it possible to identify and rectify faults before they turn into failures.

Quick localization of faults up to the final circuits

Fault visualization from feeder to main and secondary distribution and all the way to sub-distribution in branch circuits – locally with SENTRON powerconfig mobile or from any location with the help of a cloud application – saves time and resources. Faults can be quickly located at any time, so that maintenance work can be planned and initiated centrally for the entire campus.

Efficient and consistent work

The consistent SIMARIS tool landscape comprises network calculation as well as the mechanical and electrical dimensioning of distribution systems. Comprehensive CAx data and the provision of 3D data support the digital engineering process. This enables error-free planning and saves time and costs. It also ensures optimum power distribution design and compliance with IEC 61439.

Making energy consumption transparent


Maximum energy savings, cost reductions, and sustainability require that the relevant energy values of all loads are examined in a precise and detailed manner. Communication-capable SIRIUS control units and SENTRON measuring devices, the SIMARIS control diagnostic station or the 7KN Powercenter 3000 IoT data platform, and the corresponding MindApp SENTRON powermind make this possible within a cloud-based dashboard view –without any need for local software updates or investment in the IT infrastructure.

Analysis of energy flows for corporate energy management  


The energy monitoring software SENTRON powermanager analyses energy consumption and displays important parameters for individual devices and the overall system in a clearly arranged dashboard. Savings measures can be derived directly and faults can be quickly located – for greater awareness of energy consumption and cost reduction. In this way you create the basis for reporting within the framework of a corporate energy management system, for example according to ISO 50001.

Successful implementation of smart buildings

Smart buildings and energy-efficient building technology offer a better quality of life and a more productive working environment and they set an example in terms of sustainability. This is why architecture and electrical planning are increasingly coalescing. Building information modeling (BIM) creates a digital twin of a building. This provides new opportunities in the planning, implementation, and operation of buildings, and ensures safety in all phases of work.

Increasing the building value

Be it in a new building or for the refurbishment of an old one: intelligent control, safety, and energy management systems as well as modern busbar trunking systems create added value for the occupants, are open to future demands, enable the flexible use of buildings, and excel in terms of energy efficiency. In this way they increase the long-term attractiveness of an investment property.

Getting more from energy data

The use of intelligent diagnostic stations in switchboard supports fast commissioning and flexible operation. Having a SIMARIS control diagnostic station integrated in a SIVACON S8plus switchboard, plant operators can parameterize connected devices and make adjustments to the system structure themselves. In addition, the diagnostic station records and analyzes the operating data of the switchboard and also makes them available in IoT environments. This increases the reliability of the power distribution system and enables predictive maintenance.

The Siemens range of solutions

Software-based planning tools and 3D models with additional digital information provide the basis for the most efficient and faultless preparation and execution of the wiring. In this way the workload for the electrical planner can be considerably reduced.

SENTRON powerconfig and the BusbarCheck app provide the technician on-site with powerful tools that simplify and accelerate noticeably the installation of control cabinets and busbar trunking systems.

Communication-enabled devices and systems pave the way for transparency: They record energy-relevant data such as power, energy, voltage, and network quality in real time, and also provide early indications of possible faults. This helps make the operation of an entire industrial site or building more productive and efficient, prevent malfunctions and breakdowns, carry out preventive and condition-based maintenance work, and ultimately ensure the highest level of supply security at optimal cost.

Cloud-based energy monitoring

Leveraging the strengths of the cloud

Systematic power consumption logging and analysis is the most important prerequisite for greater energy efficiency and reliability. Integrated in cloud systems such as MindSphere, the optimization potential can be further increased.

The Internet of Things as an efficiency driver

The computing power of a cloud-based energy monitoring solution is much greater than that of a local application. The data from countless devices is quickly and efficiently collected and analyzed in near real-time. This makes possible the systematic management of processes in manufacturing and building automation. Malfunctions are identified at an early stage, failures are avoided preventively, and operation as a whole is made more energy-efficient. Energy data are made available in the cloud via our IoT data platform 7KN Powercenter 3000 or the integrated diagnostic station SIMARIS control. This leads to higher productivity, more effective plant utilization, and, ultimately, greater competitiveness.

Mindsphere Application Center

Cloud-based applications

SENTRON powermind

Die intuitiv bedienbare App SENTRON powermind macht es möglich, Energie- und Anlagendaten ohne größeren IT-Aufwand ortsunabhängig in Echtzeit auszuwerten. Das unterstützt den Aufbau eines betrieblichen Energiemanagements nach ISO 50001. Nutzer erhalten einen Echtzeitüberblick über aktuelle Stromverbräuche sowie deren Entwicklung im Zeitverlauf – sowohl für Gesamtanlagen als auch für einzelne elektrische Verbraucher. So können hohe Energieverbräuche schnell identifiziert werden.


Increasing value creation

Digitalization pays off

Today, all process steps in power distribution from planning and engineering to operation can be fully digitally supported – starting with electrotechnical planning. During operation, the continuous logging of energy flows creates the transparency and the database that are important for digital companies – and in this way the basis for greater energy efficiency and reliability as well as lower costs and carbon emissions.

All-in-one solution

Efficient all-in-one solutions for intelligent power distribution

Supplying complete systems and components for power distribution and industrial automation, Siemens makes a significant contribution to the successful digital transformation of industries, buildings, and infrastructure.

The innovative and effective SIMARIS software tools provide support throughout your planning process. BIM data help you verify the interaction of all services in a complex infrastructure. The BusbarCheck app guides you through the installation of busbar trunking systems in an efficient manner.

The SIVACON S8plus low-voltage switchboard supports the simple commissioning and parameterization of the installed devices with the SIMARIS control diagnostics station. It provides you with greater transparency in terms of energy flows and system or device statuses and at the same time enables faster fault diagnosis and predictive maintenance. SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems distribute power safely and flexibly from the switchboard to the loads. With the aid of powerline technology, they transfer energy data via plug-and-play through your conductor paths.


Use your energy data to optimize maintenance measures and identify potential savings. Benefit from economical operation with high adaptability and smart energy data transfer to higher-level systems or cloud-based IoT solutions.


Siemens low-voltage components in practice


Digitalization made to measure

Whether digitally supported planning and design, intelligent machine control, building management in smart buildings, or cloud-based energy management: The integration of power distribution and digitalization unleashes huge potential and delivers impressive cost advantages and efficiency gains. Talk to us and find out what digitalization can mean for your processes, which products, systems, technologies, and measures can deliver maximum benefit, and what new possibilities our portfolio of field devices and tools can unlock.

Our experts will gladly assist you and look forward to getting in touch with you personally.

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