Comprehensive cyber protection of energy infrastructures. Power supply infrastructures are taking increasing advantage of digital connectivity. This generates significant financial advantages and helps exploit new value streams. Unfortunately, digital connectivity also entails major security challenges. Siemens’ reliable defense strategy and its tailored cybersecurity products, solutions, and services for network operators and utilities play a key role in ensuring a secure and resilient energy landscape.
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Why cybersecurity counts

Taking cyberthreats seriously

The numerous advantages of today’s increasingly digitalized and interconnected energy infrastructures come with a price: Cyberattacks have become a serious risk factor. Comprehensive security mechanisms and a security-oriented mindset throughout the entire organization are required to avert and control this risk.   Discover how you can ensure the best possible protection of your power supply infrastructure and take security considerations into account throughout an entire network and all business processes.
The Siemens approach

Working together for cybersecurity

Safeguarding energy infrastructures from cyberthreats is a rapidly changing battlefield that requires awareness, continuous vigilance, and a consolidated response from everyone involved. Superior technology, information advantages, and the right allies are important keys to success. Based on its long-standing experience in industrial cybersecurity, its domain knowledge in the field of energy, and comprehensive integration capabilities, Siemens serves as a strong partner for grid operators and utilities by providing reliable cybersecurity products, solutions, and services that help protect energy infrastructures.

A holistic approach

Cybersecurity has numerous facets, and no one will be able to handle the entire field alone. That’s why Siemens participates in international standardization bodies and cooperates with leading companies and organizations, such as the European Energy - Information Sharing & Analysis Centre (EE-ISAC) and the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (NATO CCDCOE) to develop and improve security standards for energy infrastructures.

This knowledge and experience, plus a specially designed IEC 62443-certified framework, provides the basis for Siemens’  unique Security Circle – a holistic concept for comprehensive energy infrastructure protection that's characterized by four pillars.

Cybersecurity in practice

Siemens contributed to NATO CCDCOE's Locked Shields 2018 live-fire cyber defense exercise

Locked Shields is the world’s largest and most complex international technical cyberdefense exercise. The cyberdefense drill is annually set up and organized by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (NATO CCDCOE). Experts like National Grid’s Philip Tonkin and Siemens’ Michael Weinhold emphasize the importance of cyberdefense exercises such as Locked Shields because they provide valuable firsthand experience and insights on how to improve on all levels of cybersecurity.

Practicing protection with 4,000 virtualized systems and more than 2,500 attacks

More than 1,000 experts from nearly 30 nations were involved in Locked Shields 2018, this year’ edition of the largest and most complex international live-fire cyberdefense exercise in the world.

Spectrum Power, Siemens’ large-scale power grid control system, was part of the exercise once again this year. It "Has been by far the most complex system ever used in the Locked Shields exercise series," says Raimo Peterson, Technology Branch Head at NATO CCDCOE.

Both the quantity and quality of cyberattacks are on the rise. There are much more sophisticated threat actors out there.

Philip Tonkin, Global Head of Cyber Operational Technology at National Grid, UK

In a world where transmission and distribution networks are more and more important, protecting their integrity must be a priority for operators and tech providers alike.

Michael Weinhold, CTO at Siemens Energy Management

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