Driving energy intelligence to create smart grids that provide new opportunities for all parties of the energy system.

Driving energy intelligence

Making grids smarter with energy intelligence creates new opportunities in a changing ecosystem. Empowering customers to master the decentralized landscape and benefit from new opportunities at the grid edge.
The grid edge revolution − Innovative drivers towards net-zero energy

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Smart grids at a glance

Energy intelligence for a changing, more adaptable grid

Smart grids use digital technologies and IoT solutions to intelligently respond and adapt to changes in the grid. Infusing energy intelligence is the key to leverage the data in the grid that allows to make grid operation reliable, cost-efficient, flexible, and safe.

Staying ahead of change

Our world is getting more digital, more connected, and more sustainable. This changes society and the way we do business – with energy systems as a core element of infrastructure. Increasing integration of power from renewable sources, often decentral with multidirectional energy flows, poses challenges to power grids. Despite all these changes, participants of the energy system still need to maintain grid stability, ensure power quality, enable sector coupling, deal with aging assets, and reduce costs.


Bringing energy intelligence to the grid not only helps to master these challenges, but also generates new opportunities to increase asset and cybersecurity, efficiently balance generation and demand, and create new revenue streams. This includes the grid edge, from where the transition towards a decentralized, distributed, and decarbonized grid starts.


An energy intelligent offering

Based on our deep domain knowledge in electrification and our pioneering digital solutions, we have created a comprehensive portfolio for all participants of the energy system. Discover how you can make your business more energy intelligent.

Consulting and planning

Plan and simulate your grid

Engineering knowledge and innovative software meets deep domain know-how and consultancy experience to optimize grid planning and simulation.

Electrical substations

Get the most out of substations

Substations are an integral component of power grids. Their digitalization enables energy transition with speed, flexibility and availability.

Renewables management

Optimize renewable energy sources

Intelligent hardware and software help to integrate renewable sources. The offering ranges from inverters to transformers and from demand management to virtual power plants.

Distributed energy solutions

Take control of your energy supply

Market-specific local energy solutions for a secure supply and cost and CO₂ reduction.

Energy storage

Energy storage solutions for any requirements

Energy storage solutions for industry, infrastructure, and private individuals: fast, flexible and reliable.

EV charging infrastructure


Solutions for AC/DC charging, depot charging, and for optimizing the power grid so it can handle the effects of the increasing number of electric vehicles.


A matter of trust

Cyber security solutions comprise product security, system security, and operational security, tailored to the requirements of energy systems.


Financing tomorrow's infrastructure

Staying at the competitive edge during the transformation of energy systems requires investments. Siemens combines technology and financing expertise for tailored financing solutions.

The Siemens approach – benefit together

The transformation of energy systems creates new opportunities that can be best used together. Grid operations must be seen in the context of increasing complexity through decentralization, highly volatile power generation, and multi-directional power flows. We make energy smarter by integrating energy intelligence across the energy supply chain shaping energy supplies that are cost-efficient, safe, reliable, and flexible. Our holistic approach helps you to stay competitive in a changing world. No matter what’s your role in the energy system.

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Take a deep dive into energy intelligent solutions in practical use

Companies from different industries around the world are using our energy intelligent solutions to increase their competitive edge. Learn more about how energy intelligence makes grids and companies fit for the future.

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White paper: The grid edge revolution

Innovative drivers towards net-zero energy

We show how innovations at the grid edge are helping to drive one of the most radical transitions in human history – a move from a centralized energy system to one that is more decentralized, more local and more efficient. Towards an energy system that is more democratic and where individuals have more control. An energy system that meets the needs of the global population, but that also benefits the planet.

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Smarter energy

Energy intelligence all the way

Discover how our offering for all parties in the energy system helps taking energy intelligence to the grids.
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