Reliable partnership for distributors

Comprehensive portfolio of innovative products, systems, and solutions as your recipe for success

The Siemens range of products for power distribution offers a strong portfolio that meets distributors' needs. Siemens supports your distribution business with innovative products and personal support, enabling you to always have the best possible advice for your customers in electric wholesale. Thanks to our global presence, we are always nearby, ensuring a high level of delivery performance and data availability.

Challenges and solutions

Let’s team up and succeed

Requirements and tasks in the electric wholesale market are especially diverse. So it’s good to have a partner at your side who understands your needs and knows your business.

Your benefits of the partnership

Siemens offer

Siemens offers a strong, trust-based relationship with customers resulting in fast and optimal supply thanks to close proximity. The comprehensive portfolio from a single source is designed to meet the expectations of both distributors and end customers across all voltage levels. All relevant certifications and order data are provided for easy integration into the customer’s data management. Experts from Siemens can offer support for customized solutions as well as technical support, trainings, and sales services.

Benefits for distributors

  1. Increase customer satisfaction and offer zero faults quality
  2. Maintain flexibility in response to customer demands
  3. Reduce project complexity and the time vested by customers, by serving as the single expert supplier

Digitalization allows creating new business models for electrical distributors

The digital transformation is in full swing. Companies of all sizes and markets are already unlocking its potential by using our solutions in practice.