Reliable partnership for OEMs

Comprehensive portfolio of innovative products, systems, and solutions as your recipe for success

Along the whole original equipment manufacturers value chain – from planning and design, engineering and ordering process to installation and maintenance – Siemens is more than just a supplier. As a truly long-term reliable and experienced partner for OEMs of all kinds, Siemens brings to the table extensive process know-how. The portfolio is efficiently geared to fit specific requirements of industries, infrastructures, as well as utilities, and complies to all major quality standards. Siemens contributes to OEMs’ quality and performance efforts by offering verified, safe, and reliable products, systems and solutions. The holistic portfolio enables OEMs to deliver excellent quality and meet their customer’s requirements.

Challenges and solutions

Let’s team up and succeed

Requirements and tasks for OEMs are especially diverse. So it’s good to have a partner at your side who understands your needs and knows your business.

Your benefits of the partnership

Siemens offer


The Siemens approach to establish long-term partnerships supports OEMs with a complete portfolio that was designed to meet all their expectations. From wind power and photovoltaics to Gensets and Energy-intensive equipment, OEMs can rely on efficient production support and quality control, optimized products, systems, and solutions, as well as dedicated customized solutions. Dedicated training, technical and on-site support as well as consulting round up Siemens' offerings.

Benefits for OEMs


  1. Stable process and less complexity leading to a competitive edge in the market
  2. Best ratios on performance and price for more competitiveness leading to trust and customer satisfaction for further growth
  3. Flexibility to meet customer's specifications and having an adaptability edge in the market
  4. Savings and ability to fulfill customer’s needs

Optimizing the performance of wind turbines with an end-to-end range of optimally coordinated components and systems

To enable modern wind turbines to deliver electricity continuously, a seamless flow of information between all components is needed. With our comprehensive solutions we offer wind power OEMs a whole portfolio of communications-enabled components and devices. This also comprises diverse supervisory and diagnostic functions which improve system transparency and allow Wind Power OEMs to boost the turbines reliability. Our components are seamlessly integrated into digital environments and support automated engineering processes with an extensive range of software and data. With the digital convergence of information technology and operation technology, we facilitate more open, transparent and adaptable wind turbines, thereby simplifying Wind Power OEMs business.

Our offering for wind power

Cutting-edge components and systems for photovoltaic plants, its grid access and storage solutions

Backed by decades of experience as a supplier of fossil and renewable power plants and its reputation as a reliable partner in the energy sector, Siemens offers a broad range of standard-compliant components and systems to support solar and photovoltaics partners. All components and systems can be combined and integrated easily. They have proven their success a thousand times over in a wide range of industries and under the harshest conditions. Designed for maximum performance, they are robust and interact perfectly, thus increasing efficiency throughout the plant.

Our offering for solar and photovoltaic industry

Siemens financing solutions designed to support power OEMS projects     

Adding value to wind power OEMs' business scope

How can you pave the way for future energy business models and financial competiveness? With adaptive financing solutions from a reliable and trusted partner: Siemens supports your investments in energy-related services and technology by offering project finance, equipment and leasing solutions, structured finance, capital loans, and financial advisory services. We can design a financial solution with the precise needs of your market and project in mind.

Portfolio highlights for Energy Management