Smart electrification

Power distribution and industrial controls for the Digital Enterprise

This is what smart electrification stands for

A largely electrified and automated world places greater demands regarding electrification than ever before. Essential for industries, buildings, and infrastructures, the specific requirements and challenges of each application are a versatile, custom-fit, and adaptable power supply. This becomes ever more important in the age of digitalization because power is a lever to increase availability and profitability and is indispensable to support digital transformation. Across a broad spectrum from switchgear, switchboards, distribution systems and busbar trunking systems, protection and power quality devices, switching and measuring devices, industrial switching and control technology all the way to electrical installation devices, Siemens delivers smart electrification solutions with related hardware, software and services supporting a seamless integration into the Digital Enterprise. We support the entire value chain – from planning, engineering, installation, operation, and continuous optimization. As a result, we are helping to transform everyday energy use, ensuring business resilience, resource efficiency and sustainability – creating an environment that cares. In this way, the performance and energy efficiency of systems can be increased sustainably.