Creating momentum for a sustainable future

Creating momentum for a sustainable future

Siemens Finance Week 2018 wraps up

From February 5-9, Siemens Finance Week demonstrated how innovative financing solutions benefit industries and communities. At three engaging events in Germany, Dubai and New York, and two compelling online events, Siemens Financial Services showed how smart financial solutions play a major role in ensuring companies stay competitive as they face the challenges of digitalization, urbanization and climate change. Enjoy the latest insight of the days’ focus topics.
Day 1

Financing the future of manufacturing

February 5: Event - Erlangen, Germany

Enormous gains in productivity have been made possible by digitalization. But manufacturing companies around the world are facing the challenge of financing their digital transformation. A dynamic group of speakers and panelists discussed the impact of digitalization and the concrete benefit of Industrie 4.0 for manufacturing companies and engineering. 

A diverse range of topics included changing business models, new developments in the machine tool and manufacturing industry, next-level productivity and customer views. The day also included panel discussions on digital transformation and financing manufacturing in the 21st century and beyond.

Find out more about the productivity increases that manufacturing can gain from digitalization by watching this wrap-up video of the day’s events. Discover how smart financing provides a sustainable transition to this new generation of digital technologies and how your organization can benefit.

Day 2

Challenges of digital transformation and the role of financing

February 6: Online thought leadership topic

Most companies and governments are aware of the urgent need to digitalize and automate. But most of them are facing a lot of different challenges and there are only a few of them that have a clear, multiphase strategic plan. A thought-provoking online discussion centered on research from Siemens Financial Services, outlining the primary challenges to profitable Industry 4.0 transformation.

Research respondents, including leading manufacturers and specialist management consultants, raised local obstacles and priorities, identifying the main factors to implementing successful digital transformation.

Have these insights at your fingertips now. Jonathan Andrew, CEO of Commercial Finance for SFS, and his team, have compiled all the relevant research in a checklist to help assess your company’s progress in the "A Practical Path to Industry 4.0" white paper.

Day 3

LNG to power – Financing the fuel of the future

February 7: Event - Dubai, UAE

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects are set to become a top contributor to tomorrow’s energy mix. To bring LNG projects to life, intensive capital investment is needed – particularly in the Middle East where LNG imports have grown by more than 380%. At an engaging live event in the heart of Dubai’s financial district, SFS discussed the development, technological and financial requirements of LNG to power projects together with industry and finance leaders.

Featured presenters included Vivek Chandra, CEO and Founder of Texas LNG; Jeremy Dawson, Director of Market Development for Siemens Power & Gas; and Tobias Behringer, Financial Advisory Expert from Siemens Financial Services. The conference revolved around the global outlook of natural gas and LNG, developing LNG to power projects and financing the gas to power revolution.
Kirk Edelman, CEO Energy Finance at Siemens Financial Services, moderated a fruitful panel discussion highlighting the crucial role of LNG in the energy mix, challenges faced by the LNG market and how flexible financing models drive LNG to power projects forward. Watch selected highlights from the discussion as well as expert viewpoints in the Financing the fuel of the future wrap-up video.

Day 4

Investing in tomorrow: Digitalizing cities

February 8, Event - New York, USA

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities that will be “smart” – shaped by the Internet of Things as a networking technology and by usable data as a forecasting technology.  An inspiring afternoon hosted by Anthony Casciano, Global CEO of Industry and Healthcare Finance at SFS, covered the question of how the “smart” city must adapt to what is at the intersection of digitalization and urbanization – a technology-driven society with strong infrastructure at its foundation.

The keynote speaker was economic and social theorist and political advisor Jeremy Rifkin, and other featured speakers included Martin Powell, Head of Urban Development at Siemens, who talked about the megatrends affecting cities globally.

The event concluded with an informative panel discussion entitled “Beyond Roads and Bridges – Implementing Critical Infrastructure.”  You can get the key points in 90 seconds by watching the Digitizing Cities recap video.

Day 5

Smart financing for sustainable development

February 9: Online thought leadership topic

As it is in so many fields, digital technology is transforming the possibilities for major infrastructure. With everything from gas turbines to manufacturing facilities being hooked up to online networks, reams of data are allowing for vast new efficiencies and energy savings. Siemens Finance Week 2018 concluded with an inspiring day of digital storytelling.

The online discussion focused on insights and experience on how Siemens Financial Services employs smart, sustainable financing to tackle some of the world’s most complex development challenges. Siemens Financial Services provides risk management expertise and innovative financing models to fund some of the world’s biggest projects – including the “Egypt Megaproject” – designed to boost the country’s power generation capacity by 50 percent.

Key experts behind the online thought leadership content included Alexander Mahnke (CEO Insurance, SFS), Tobias Behringer (Head of Project and Export Finance, Power and Gas, SFS) and Peter Rathgeb (CFO, Siemens Bank). Get their insights in this downloadable excerpt of their behind-the-scene interview, “Decoding Financing for Sustainable Development".


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