Investing in tomorrow – digitalizing cities

What is needed to tackle the robust but aging infrastructure of today's cities? What technologies? What financing options? Explore the financing solutions that help guide cities toward sustainable growth and more resilient futures.
Critical infrastructure investment

Demand has never been greater, but how do we finance it?

With the world's population rising and urbanization rapidly expanding, most of our cities are experiencing a huge demand for reliable, safe and efficient infrastructure. Given the enormous costs involved, both public and private financial backing is often required. Siemens Financial Services (SFS) can invest in the individual needs of cities, resulting in the best public service outcome for their citizens.   


Funding these highly complex projects requires a financing provider with the know-how necessary to adapt to market dynamics and the technological expertise essential for countless different industries. Each infrastructure project is different and needs creative capital solutions to ensure its long-term success. SFS has a proven track record of investing in various projects, including airports, rail, public housing, water supply, electricity, telecommunication, ports, universities/schools, hospitals, and more.   


This allows us to provide tailored debt to equity solutions, including equipment finance, project finance and corporate finance that supports an infrastructure project's entire lifecycle.

We must invest in our cities and the digitalization of our infrastructure to secure a competitive future. Private financing – through debt and equity solutions – is becoming a catalyst in helping cities both repair and build in the 21st century.
Anthony Casciano, CEO, Industry and Healthcare Finance, Siemens Financial Services

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Cities are increasingly data-driven, with the ability to forecast information such as transportation usage, electricity requirements, traffic density, power demand and city emissions. Siemens provides cities with tools that help them make informed investment decisions. Learn more about how we’re helping cities and businesses today.

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Siemens Financial Services can design a financial solution that is a perfect fit for your market and project, minimizing risk and maximizing growth opportunities.