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Increasingly extreme weather events and rising sea levels are unmistakable signs of one of the biggest challenges of our time: climate change. At the same time, global demand for electricity is expected to grow by more than 50 percent by 2040. To meet the dual challenge of generating more energy while cutting emissions, requires a surge in annual investment in clean energy projects and infrastructure to nearly USD 4 trillion by 2030 (source: IEA). Combining financial expertise with deep industry know-how, we provide a diverse set of financing solutions to make such projects real and support our customers and partners on their way to a more sustainable future.

Accelerating decarbonization

At Siemens Financial Services (SFS), we empower customers around the world to take the next step on their decarbonization journeys. We offer a wide range of financing solutions to meet a variety of specific needs including equipment and technology finance, corporate loans and debt or equity finance. As the financing experts of Siemens, our SFS team has both a deep understanding of innovative technologies matched with vast financing acumen. Today, we enable projects with a total installed capacity of more than 25,000 MW of wind energy, 12,000 MW of solar energy, and 480 MW of other renewable energy production (including battery storage) throughout the world.

The role of finance in reaching net zero

The right financing for your needs

When it comes to the complexities of building onshore or offshore wind farms there is no substitute for industry expertise, innovative financing solutions, and experience in international project development. Siemens Financial Services understands the critical role properly structured financing plays in ensuring the success of your next project long before construction starts and well into operation. Having been one of the first-movers in financing wind energy, we have the comprehensive expertise that covers the needs of each client. 


Our expertise in action
Enabling the Pecasa Windfarm in the Dominican Republic


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Today, photovoltaic is one the most important renewable energy sources. Investments in that area require a consolidated portfolio of proven solutions. We support your solar energy initiative through customized and flexible financing solutions based on your specific needs – ranging from equipment finance, debt and equity financing as well as energy-as-a-service models. Through or in-depth industry know-how, financing expertise and extensive risk management experience we ensure that communities, operators and developers benefit from investments in solar projects providing affordable, clean energy for generations to come.


Our expertise in action

Investing in the development of solar power projects in the Middle East, Africa and Asia



Find the financing for your needs

Project finance

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Equipment and technology finance


With the potential to fuel ships or trucks, providing heat for industry or buildings, and serving as a feedstock for chemical production, green hydrogen will have a pivotal role to play in our collective efforts to tackle global warming and foster a successful energy transition. To implement this concept on the necessary scale and within an ambitious timeframe it needs the support of experienced financing institutions like Siemens Financial Services. With our track record and unique combination of industry and financing know-how, we are in an optimal position to support new and upcoming technologies driving the energy transition by commercializing such complex and capital-intensive projects.


Our expertise in action
Financing for one of Germany’s largest carbon-free hydrogen generation plants



Find the financing for your needs

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Finance to enable customer success

Around the globe we partner with our customers step by step in their journey to a low-carbon energy system.
Enabling the Pecasa Windfarm in the Dominican Republic
  • Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) was commissioned to engineer, supply and install 25 turbines with a capacity of 50 MW to support the country’s energy transition.
  • Siemens Financial Services is helping to finance with a 33% ownership stake alongside project developer Akuo Energy.
  • With a capacity of 50 MW the windfarm supplies over 150.000 households with green electricity and reduces CO₂ emission by over 140,000 tons per year.


Empowering the use of wind energy across North America
  • Since 2011, Siemens Financial Services and Pattern Energy, have worked together and realized 23 wind projects across North America (USA, Canada, Puerto Rico).
  • SFS is the sole or lead lender for 14 out of the 23 wind projects that it has financed providing more than $1.7 billion.
  • In total 4.4 GW of wind energy are produced by Pattern Energy projects financed by SFS.
Financing onshore wind in the United States
  • Competitive Power ventures (CPV) sought a financing amendment for their 152 MW onshore wind farm Keenan II located in Oklahoma.
  • Siemens Financial Services stepped up as one of only two lenders to underwrite an amendment to the customer’s financing, increasing its previous commitment from $16.2 to $50 million.
  • The wind farm generates enough electricity to power approx. 45,000 homes and offset carbon dioxide emissions equivalent of taking more than 1 million cars off the road each year.
Boosting Brazil’s solar power sector
  • Siemens Financial Services has invested in Brazil-based solar developer Brasol Participações e Empreendimentos S.A. (“Brasol”) realizing one of the largest foreign capital injections into the Brazilian solar power sector to date.
  • Brasol provides turn-key solar-as-a-service solutions to commercial and industrial energy consumers across Brazil through a financial lease model. 
  • The partnership provides Brasol with access to Siemens' digital tools and services and will explore digitization to offer customers greater savings, and a wider range of energy solutions.


Unlocking capital for Nordics wind projects
  • Siemens Financial Services realized a seed investment in Prime Green Energy Infrastructure Fund that is managed by Prime Capital AG and focuses on investing in wind projects in the Nordics
  • The Fund helps to mobilize capital from multiple investors which helps fund several renewable energy projects
  • The Fund’s share of project benefits will result in 3,200 GWh of renewable energy generated per year, enough to supply 860,000 households with clean energy and resulting in avoided emissions of 1,400,000 tons of CO2
Driving offshore wind in France
  • In France, Siemens Financial Services has been at the forefront of the country’s push into offshore wind via its recent involvement in the 497 MW Fécamp offshore wind power plant. 
  • Siemens Financial Services supported being part of a consortium of three leading French banks and over a dozen international banks, providing project finance debt
  • The generated electricity will meet the power needs for 770,000 people - this is over 60% of the region’s population.


Enabling carbon-free hydrogen generation in Germany
  • Siemens Financial Services participates in the equity financing and holds a share of 45 percent in the operating company of one of Germany’s largest carbon-free hydrogen generation plants in Wunsiedel.
  • With a capacity of 8.75 megawatts, the facility will produce up to 1,350 tons of hydrogen per year using only renewable energy, for example from solar or wind power. 
  • Using the generated hydrogen in transportation and industry allows for CO 2 savings of up to 13,500 annually. 


Financing for portfolio of solar photovoltaic plants in Italy
  • Siemens Financial Services supports Encavis AG in refinancing the 29 MW "Treia & Oria" solar park portfolio in Italy
  • The majority of the ground mounted plants are located in central Italy. They derive most of their revenues from a fixed feed-in tariff for a period of 20 years from the date of grid connection.
  • Given its strong track record of solar PV and wind financing in Italy, SFS was invited
    to join the refinancing under a solid base case with very strong counterparties
Driving the expansion of solar power projects in the Middle East, Africa and Asia
  • Siemens Financial Services and Desert Technologies launched joint venture Capton Energy to develop and invest in solar and smart infrastructure in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
  • Capton Energy aims to invest in projects of more than 1GW in aggregate and boost the supply of clean, stable and affordable power in under-served markets.
  • The company will benefit from the partners’ ability to supply technology and expertise to facilitate the development of new solar facilities. 


Investing in Taiwan’s Energy Transition
  • Off the western coast of Taiwan, Siemens Financial Services has financed a trio of projects including the 640 MW Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm, the 376 MW Formosa 2 Offshore Wind Farm and the 605 MW Greater Changhua 1 Offshore Wind Farm.
  • As the mandated lead arranger, Siemens Financial Services through Siemens Bank arranged the Euro-denominated loan facility for all three transactions and committed €350 million of project finance commitments.
  • Once completed, the Yunlin, Formosa 2, and Greater Changhua 1 wind farms will enable more than 1.6 GW of clean power, helping Taiwan reduce carbon emissions while powering local households from a sustainable source.


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