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Global pandemics, aging populations, changing lifestyles and demands for efficiencies are pushing healthcare providers to their limits. While digitalization will help them deal with the challenges and improve patient outcomes, it comes at a cost. Smart financing from Siemens can help remove barriers to investment and help healthcare organizations and providers secure the technology, equipment and facilities needed to give their patients the care they deserve.

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Large, entrepreneurial hospital chain or local private practice? Pharmaceutical or life sciences? Dentist or veterinary center? Our in-depth knowledge of the sector, decades of finance experience and access to global finance markets make us the perfect long-term finance provider across healthcare. Our experts have a keen understanding of technology and its role in patient care, including medical imaging, analysis and diagnostics, and healthcare information technology — and we apply this to developing customized financial solutions.

Public and private hospitals

Under pressure to reduce costs without affecting patient outcomes? Financing from Siemens gives you options that free your capital, allowing you to make the best use of your organization’s budget. From investing in diagnostic and imaging solutions through to beds, operating tables, patient transport and IT systems, and even improving your energy system, we’re familiar with every aspect of healthcare and how to finance it. Our innovative financial solutions give you options that help upgrade, enhance or transform care delivery, which in turn can improve your hospital’s reputation.


Having worked in the sector for decades, our financial advice is based on an in-depth knowledge of acute healthcare equipment, real estate challenges and more. Because we understand your budgetary pressures and healthcare accounting practices, we know how to match the solution to the situation – from leasing to corporate lending. 

Practice owners

Private clinic, veterinarian center or dental practice? Our finance options allow you to invest in facilities and equipment that help you provide better outcomes and service – without impacting your existing cashflow.


From optimizing clinical operations to better patient profiling, from more efficient work processes to less invasive surgery, digital technologies are revolutionizing practices’ ability to give patients more tailored health plans. Access to the latest technology and equipment opens a world of possibilities for the future of your patient care.


Whether it’s for a specific piece of diagnostic equipment or a real estate venture for better facilities, our thorough understanding of the sector makes us a flexible finance partner to help develop your business and improve the quality of service it provides.  

Pharmaceutical and life sciences

We understand the pressures the life sciences industry faces to find answers to global diseases and pandemics and respond quickly to developments within this market.


With a tailored finance solution from Siemens, you can make sure your technical users have access to the best equipment and technology. Whether that is to more quickly and accurately analyse DNA and blood samples, efficiently wash and package medicines or to research, develop and test new drugs.  


With in-depth knowledge of the global pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, you’ll find we’re very proactive in advising on the best way to finance highly specialist technologies and equipment. 

Financial solutions

Better outcomes from smarter finance

Advances in healthcare technology and equipment offer huge potential to your business and your patients. But how does your organization capitalize on the possibilities without affecting working capital or cashflow? With decades of experience in healthcare, we can help you find the best financial option to deliver your goal.

Acquire innovative healthcare equipment and technology without pressurizing budgets

Improving radiographer productivity, to speeding up patient triage and facilitating remote consultations. Yes, modernization comes at a price, but we don’t believe the cost of new equipment or technology should be a barrier to developing your business. By aligning payments to performance and productivity targets, our specialist financing packages enable your organization to enjoy those benefits without pressurizing budgets. We will work with you to flex finance terms in line with the benefits your investment delivers. We smooth the process of acquisition through leasing, rental, or hire purchase.


Need to retrofit existing technology, extend the life of the platform, or enhance equipment? Our finance plans also give you the opportunity to extend the value of your investments - allowing you to upgrade, or add to equipment, during the financing period. By combining their knowledge of the healthcare technology and expected patient outcomes our financing specialists work with you to create financing packages that embrace any associated complexities



Increase customer value with innovative healthcare financing

A manufacturer of healthcare equipment or technology, a vendor or channel partner? We provide healthcare sales financing programs designed to enhance your competitive edge, and ultimately help your healthcare customers to improve the care they deliver.


Our vendor financing solutions tailored to the specific needs of every client and are designed to make investment in your equipment and technology more affordable for your customers.  

Extended payment terms for suppliers to make healthcare equipment more affordable

How do you sustain sales growth from healthcare customers going through digital transformation? Siemens’ specialist financing provides integrated packages that make the investment affordable for the customer. For example, we offer short-term refinancing of the equipment and technology through Extended Payments Terms.


Similarly, we can provide smart arrangements where the vendor can receive immediate payment for sales invoices. All these techniques help healthcare technology suppliers meet the growing demand in a digitalizing sector.

 Invest in your healthcare project

Where a new facility is needed, we can arrange all-encompassing financial structures to help develop the unit.  A new medical unit, such as an operating theatre, ward or diagnostics unit can be made more affordable by using expected savings that are used to fund or part-fund monthly payments. For example, where energy-efficient technology delivers cost savings from lower energy consumption, and the financing plan aligns payments to the rate of savings made each month. Need to finance new or existing infrastructure? As one of the world’s leading suppliers of healthcare and infrastructure technology, our debt and equity finance solutions and technological expertise will help you build or modernize hospitals and medical office buildings successfully.

Need to ensure liquidity in a difficult financial and operating environment? A corporate lending solution could be the answer in helping to manage debt, facilitate change, support growth or fund an acquisition, when the time is right. Find out how we match technical expertise with innovative financial know-how to help health care systems prioritize patient care. 

The future of building technology will encompass the holistic building performance through digitalization, from operations and security to comfort. Instead of being deterred by the initial cost, hospital buildings and laboratories can achieve technological benefits through a wide range of financing solutions. The Covid-19 pandemic and its resulting economic pressures are also driving the need to make buildings smart and more energy efficient. 

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Organizations around the world can rely on our smart financing concepts and range of products and solutions to meet the clinical, operational and financial challenges of a constantly shifting healthcare landscape around the globe. 

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Financial Services from Siemens can provide your healthcare organization with the finance you need to acquire equipment and technology that raises standards of care. Find out how we’re already helping practices and hospitals around the world achieve their clinical, operational and financial goals.

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