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At Siemens, we do more than just deliver the latest innovations in healthcare technology. We help organizations succeed in today’s healthcare environment through the provision of financial solutions. Our financing options enable healthcare organizations to make the investments required to raise the standard of care for thousands across the globe. Our extensive healthcare industry expertise and deep understanding of healthcare assets are the foundations of our healthcare finance team. Our experts have a keen understanding of technology and its role in patient care, including medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, and healthcare information technology — and we apply this to developing customized financial solutions.

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Spectrum of products to support healthcare organizations to achieve their goals

We understand that acquiring new equipment and technology for healthcare institutions is not always easy. As budgets tighten and demands on services increase, organizations face the challenges of balancing patient needs and increasingly stretched resources. So how can healthcare providers secure the necessary funding to access essential equipment without committing previous capital and losing valuable time navigating complex financial agreements? We believe we have the answer. We offer a range of financial solutions to meet the needs of different type of healthcare organizations.

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Organizations around the world can rely on Siemens’ innovative financing concepts to meet the clinical, operational and financial challenges of a constantly shifting healthcare landscape around the globe. Just visit your local presence: ChinaFinlandFranceGermanyIndiaNorwayPolandRussiaSpainSwedenTurkeyUnited KingdomUnited States of America.

Healthcare finance solutions

Siemens Financial Services provides customized financial solutions that clear the way for liquidity-preserving investments in innovative products and complete solutions as well as service and consulting guidance in healthcare.

Finance for accessible healthcare

Smart financing solutions can help finance managers to overcome the challenges of the healthcare market. Watch this video to learn more.

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The Siemens name is recognized all over the world. Partnering with us can enhance your reputation as well as give you access to key markets and a global network of experienced professionals.

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Siemens leverages deep industry expertise and a thorough understanding of asset use to offer a diversified portfolio of financial solutions.
Our healthcare-dedicated teams have specialized local knowledge and understand what drives value in your organization, ensuring we provide a customer experience driven by speed, ease and transparency.

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Chances are there’s a Siemens healthcare specialist near you, wherever you are in the world. Take advantage of our local business knowledge and our global mindset to make your next healthcare project a success.

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Financial Services from Siemens can provide your healthcare organization with the finance you need to acquire equipment and technology that raises standards of care. Find out how we’re already helping practices and hospitals around the world achieve their clinical, operational and financial goals. 

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