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Buildings automation specialist accelerates business growth with Extended Payment Terms

Extended Payment Terms for business development at a faster rate

Extended payment terms enable more, larger projects

FMJ designs systems for buildings automation and have a niche in commercial properties. In 2018, a request came in from KeyPlants Automation to supply buildings automation for two modular pharmaceutical factories totaling 4,000 square meters in Latin America. The factories are first built as modules in Sweden, before being dismantled and shipped to the end destination.


When FMJ was asked the company quickly realized that the volume and cost of the equipment they needed to install presented major cash flow issues. The business opportunity represented a new stage of business development for FMJ, and it became clear that a smart financing partner was needed to support the company’s ambitious growth path.


This project was set up with Siemens’ platform Desigo, so KeyPlants Automation teamed up with Siemens Solution Partner FMJ.

With extended payment terms, Siemens took the partnership to a new level.
Johan Lindfors, founder and shareholder of FMJ

Siemens solution preferred over bank

The pharmaceutical factory contract represented both an opportunity and a challenge for FMJ. There are exacting regulatory standards for the indoor environment and technology in laboratories and cleanrooms. The scope of the project and long development and testing cycles held major cash flow implications. FMJ would need to forward-fund large quantities of components - millions of SEK in equipment and materials – long before the company was paid for its work. A way of closing the cash flow gap was essential.


“First, we contacted our bank to explore financing and were offered a decent arrangement. But we also contacted Siemens, to see if they could offer an alternative financing solution”, says Johan Lindfors, founder and shareholder of FMJ. In fact, the Siemens financial solution was preferable. Siemens Financial Services presented an Extended Payment Terms Agreement. “Within a few days, it was signed and smoothly finalized; we are incredibly impressed that everything went so smoothly. The bank couldn’t match it.”


“Tailor-made financing from SFS boosts our clients' business - which naturally also benefits us too”, explains Rickard Börjesson, sales manager at Siemens.

Accelerated business growth with 180-day payment terms

With the EPT financing solution from Siemens Financial Services, FMJ extends its payment terms for components and material to 180 days. These terms cover the period taken to order components, build systems, test software and installation checks in Sweden, then install in Latin America followed by function checks and commissioning.  


Access to this critical cash flow facility from Siemens means that FMJ can strategically develop its business at a faster rate. “We can now confidently enter more and bigger projects. KeyPlants Automation can also sell us as their partner in more projects – the agreement helps us to grow together with Siemens,” says Fredrik Andersson, CEO and one of three shareholders/founders at FMJ.


“We are now extremely confident that we can continue to develop business opportunities both nationally and internationally, without worrying about payment dates. Siemens adheres to the same high quality standards as us,” Johan Lindfors concludes.

If we hadn’t been satisfied with the agreement, we would of course not have gone through with it. We are extremely positive, as we can now continue to develop business opportunities both nationally and internationally, without worrying about payment dates.
Johan Lindfors, founder and shareholder of FMJ

Extended Payment Terms (EPT) from Siemens – how it works

  • Siemens, in collaboration with internal finance company Siemens Financial Services, offers extended payment terms from 120 to 180 days
  • The solution is fully integrated into the Siemens order portal Industry Mall
  • After approved credit check the user can decide to use extended payment terms on a purchase-by-purchase basis when ordering Siemens products
  • By the time the extended payment terms period becomes due, the user has started to receive revenues from their end client
  • Cash flow is radically improved and the user can take on more business
FMJ can take on larger projects and KeyPlants Automation can sell us as their partner – extended payment terms help us to grow together with Siemens. 
Fredrik Andersson, CEO, founder and shareholder of FMJ

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