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Machine builder swaps over to FFP2 mask production with smart financing

Pivoting a machine building company to protective mask production without financial stress

For more than two decades, Schneider Technologies GmbH + Co. KG from Lennestadt has been developing and manufacturing industrial mechanical engineering solutions for customers in various industries.


When protective clothing was scarce in Germany in the first wave of the corona pandemic, the medium-sized company developed its own particle-filtering respiratory protection mask compliant with the FFP2 standard. However, its challenge was to implement an automated production line for the product in a time of economic disruption and financial stress.

We wanted to lay the foundations for a sustainable supply of the population with FFP2 masks that relied exclusively on components from Germany.
Stephan Schneider, Managing Director Schneider Technologies GmbH

The mechanical engineering company set up a co-operative approach with several well-known universities and research institutes to develop protective mask production at high speed. Because the coronavirus crisis had already revealed the unreliability and fragility of international supply chains, the company’s strategy was to manufacture the masks using components sourced only from German suppliers. These supplier relationships were set up quickly and structured into a high-functioning, fully automated solution. The production of up to 100 million masks certified according to German standards could quickly begin, but for one factor – managing the financing and cash-flow requirements in a period of considerable financial stress.

We not only had to find new development and sales channels, but also an alternative financing concept.
Stephan Schneider, Managing Director Schneider Technologies GmbH

Smart financing– removes need for capital and manages cash flow

The entrepreneurs from Lennestadt used an "Extended Payment Terms" (EPT) model from Siemens Financial Services. EPT defers payment for the acquired production equipment for up to 180 days with flexible repayment options. The purchase framework was set up within a few days. With this powerful method of cash flow control, Schneider’s agreement remained independent of bank finance, with the discretion to apply the EPT model where appropriate. Especially when components have to be purchased for the manufacture of complex products and paid for long before the finished products can be sold and generate sales, EPT reduces capital commitment and the burden on liquidity and credit lines.

The future belongs to the makers who turn the crisis into an opportunity.
Stephan Schneider, Managing Director Schneider Technologies GmbH

An expert financing partner

Deploying its expert knowledge of the needs of manufacturing industry, Siemens Financial Services structured a tailored arrangement for Schneider Technologies which made it possible to bridge the repayment periods during the construction of the new production plant. This meant that liquidity and operational flexibility was created for the start of FFP2 mask production. Schneider has provided further proof of its reputation for innovation and performance.

This is how the financing arrangement works:

  • The relevant technology is identified and ordered
  • Siemens Financial Services takes over responsibility for the equipment capital cost
  • Payment is deferred for up to 180 days while the new production line is set up and tested
  • Once up and running, the client makes regular, cash-flow-friendly payments over the financing period

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