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Smart financing for smart factories

TRUMPF is a market and technology leader in the manufacturing of machine tools and lasers for industrial production. The company is dedicated to further developing and digitally networking production technology to make it even more economical, precise, and future-proof. To achieve this, the company -- headquartered in Ditzingen, Germany -- is making its customers’ production processes even more efficient, by offering consulting, innovative software and industrial electronics as a complete package for the Smart Factory of the future.

SFS' International ‘Vendor Accounts Program’ allows us to supplement our own resources with a perfect fit.
Hans-Joachim Dörr, Managing Director Central Division Financial Services, TRUMPF

Individual financing solutions

Of course, even small steps towards the smart factory of the future can create transparency in the supply chain, reduce waste and improve processes.

However, anyone who wants to generate more momentum for their future viability and competitiveness must make substantial investments. That is why for years TRUMPF has been offering its customers individual financing solutions which complement its technical solutions. These are provided as sales-financing measures by the in-house bank alongside several financing partners. Siemens Financial Services complements the range of financing solutions in international business.

Numerous markets, two partners, one approach

TRUMPF's global presence combined with the breadth and depth of its portfolio promotes customer success. To support this journey Siemens Financial Services offers its "International Vendor Accounts Program". The scheme provides all TRUMPF customers with concentrated expertise across a wide range of economies, regulations and industries for the right sales financing solution in each case.

Siemens Financial Services’ attractive financing models provide an alternative to the end customer's local banks and bolster TRUMPF’s own globally recognized value proposition of being more economical, more precise and future-proof. 

Whether it be process optimisation, the introduction of data-based shop floor management or holistic factory planning, TRUMPF develops an individual solution for each customer. Financing must do justice to this fact and respond just as individually to customer requirements.
Hans-Joachim Dörr, Managing Director Central Division Financial Services, TRUMPF

International vendor programs: increase sales with the right financing

Siemens Financial Services offers an international program to manufacturers and vendors of capital goods in the mechanical engineering, healthcare, IT and software sectors. This provides customers with financing solutions that enable them to increase their international sales.


Advantages at a glance:

  • Immediate revenue recognition
  • No default risk
  • Increased willingness to invest
  • Strengthening of customer loyalty
  • Technology and financing as a seamless complete package

Financing expertise from Siemens Financial Services

The Vendor Accounts team at Siemens Financial Services supports national and international manufacturers such as TRUMPF with sales financing programs. Through the combined use of financial expertise and industry competence, the financing solutions are individually tailored to the requirements of each customer. 

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