Financing the digital transformation of healthcare technologies

Transforming healthcare globally through smart financing

105th RSNA annual meeting

Members of our Siemens Financial Services’ (SFS) Healthcare Sales team attended the Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois. Each year, this annual meeting offers our colleagues at Siemens Healthineers the opportunity to unveil their newest equipment and technologies to existing and potential customers. As the industry continues to evolve, so does its technology, prompting the theme for this year’s meeting focusing around the digitalization of healthcare to improve patient care.  


While at RSNA, Siemens Healthineers shared many of their newest technologies and equipment including: 

  • SOMATOM -- which enables head CT scans in the ICU

  • SOMATOM X.cite -- a single source CT system 

  • AI-Pathway Companion – which supports interdisciplinary diagnostic and treatment decisions  

  • sygno.Breast Care and improved mammo workstation 

  • syngo Dynamics -- a digital hub for cardio imaging  

Live demonstrations of ultrasound equipment, mammography technology, and the sygno Virtual Cockpit offered healthcare providers an in-depth look at how digitally transformed healthcare systems will soon. Technology experts and engineers were also on hand to provide insights behind the development process from start to finish.    

The increased demands facing healthcare systems across the globe require the industry to evolve in order to transform care delivery and expand precision medicine.

Investing in the digital transformation

The increased demands facing healthcare systems across the globe require the industry to evolve in order to transform care delivery and expand precision medicine. These demands include aging populations, changing lifestyles and diets, and the rise of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Because of these demands, industry change is not a choice, but a necessity, that will involve a considerable capital investment and often incur escalating costs. 

To help providers address the financial burden brought about by this evolution, SFS researched and identified three priority investment areas that help expedite the transformation process. The research, conducted in conjunction with global healthcare experts, proved that although capital spending budgets in healthcare are low -- about 5% of total operating budgets -- SFS can provide financing solutions for key investment areas. 

Healthcare experts responding to the latest SFS Insight Study, identified the following as the top technology investments: 

  • New generations (digitalized and/or mobile) diagnostics  

  • Remote access and communications platforms (Telemedicine) 

  • Smart, digitalized hospitals 

Financing plays a critical role in the digital transformation process by helping to achieve the end goal without ‘freezing’ unacceptable levels of capital when trying to buy the technology outright. 

Author: Markus Edstrom, Siemens Financial Services, CEO of Commercial Finance, America