New York City rallies SMEs to work towards net zero

Whitepaper: New York City is trying to set the standard for urban sustainability in the U.S. with a commitment to carbon-free electricity by 2040 and a carbon neutral economy by 2050.

Whitepaper Available: Future Cities Briefing New York City

New York City's climate goals can't be met without the support of the city's small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – the healthcare facilities, transportation companies, restaurants, and manufacturers that represent the city's famous entrepreneurial spirit and account for almost half of the private sector workforce. But who will support the SMEs throughout the decarbonization process?

Siemens’ Commitment to decarbonizing America’s businesses:

Siemens Financial Services aims to support this change with its $100 million Kickstarter Capital Campaign to finance the transition to net-zero emissions for SMEs across the United States. This will help businesses to stay competitive while they become more sustainable, and crucially will build momentum toward decarbonization in the sector. Learn more: