Relieving the Pressue

The Future of Healthcare

Value and outcomes

The trade-off between resources spent and outcomes achieved continues to occupy the best minds in healthcare across continental Europe. As our latest research paper notes, Germany and France both spend around 11% of GDP on healthcare – Spain comes in at just over 9% (similar to the UK). However, Germany’s healthcare outcomes, in terms of cancer survival rates, obesity and diabetes containment, and a host of other factors, are significantly lower than those of France and Spain. 


The reasons for these disparities are complex, and not easy to shift for the better. Nevertheless, there is broad consensus that access to the latest generation technology is a critical factor for success. 

More sensitive and accurate diagnostic tech helps detect and treat conditions earlier. And early detection is the most important factor in improving patient outcomes and reducing treatment costs. Alongside this, of course, is public information to encourage people into healthier lifestyles, diet, habits. 

So if healthcare systems are to sustainably acquire the latest technology, then there is broad agreement that they need to deploy private sector capital – sufficient capital funds are simply not available from the government. Just how much health equipment funding could be released by using financing (rather than spending capital budgets) is outlined in our paper – Relieving the Pressure.


We hope that these estimates inspire individual healthcare organisations to look at how much capital they may have ‘frozen’ in technology purchases which could be released for deployment on other urgent operating priorities.



Christian Foltyn

Siemens Financial Services 

Head of Region West, Commercial Finance