The pivot to digital sales triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic

Changes to the B2B sales process that we're taking with us post-pandemic.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, B2B sales transformed overnight from a world of traveling, physical signatures, and shaking hands to one of home offices and digital networking - a similar result seen across most industries during this time. While the list of hurdles to overcome was at first considered a challenge, being forced to make overdue digital upgrades to business operations was a silver lining that led to discovering several more innovative ways of working. 


As a leader within Siemens Financial Services (SFS) Commercial Finance Americas, I'm proud of my sales team for their resiliency during such a challenging time. I recently sat down with three of our sales heads Head of Healthcare Sales Sarah Seidel, Head of Captive Sales Joakim Prytz, and Head of Vendor Finance Nils Boenicke to discuss how the pandemic changed their ways of working and, despite obstacles we faced, the best practices they're taking away from the experience to become an even more agile organization going forward. 


By: Markus Edstrom, CEO, SFS Commercial Finance Americas


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