What gives small and medium-sized enterprises advantages over the competition?

When it comes to digitalization and entering new markets, Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH (SW) supports its customers with financial solutions and technology from Siemens.
The future of manufacturing

Thriving in international markets

Small and medium-sized enterprises are internationalizing and digitalizing their business. When entering unknown markets, however, it is essential to properly assess special requirements for the projects. With the right financing partner, it is possible to exploit opportunities and minimize risks.

SW is a typical hidden champion in mechanical engineering: an innovative medium-sized business held in high regard for the high quality and efficiency of its machining centers. Located on the edge of the Black Forest, the company set global standards and excite its customers. They pave the way to the digital age – internationally, too.

Partners are helping the company to enter new markets. Siemens Financial Services (SFS) has provided a tailored sales financing program. SFS makes suitable financing offers to SW’s customers so that they can acquire the machinery. These offers are particularly attractive because SFS takes an entrepreneurial approach and has a local presence. Unlike many banks, SFS brings its industry expertise into play and assesses with the customer not only the risk, but also the business opportunities that would arise from investment in new machinery.

Siemens has been a technology partner of SW for many years, delivering the Sinumerik controllers for SW’s machines for example. This technology, together with the SINUMERIK Integrate for Production software suite, is paving the way to Industrie 4.0. A client-server solution forms the basis for SW’s remote services such as remote monitoring and maintenance, making it easier for SW to continue its international expansion. SW also used a financial solution from SFS for its investment in this technology.

The outcome is an attractive complete package: SW can offer its customers the right financing to go along with the best technological solution. In this way, Siemens gives small and medium-sized enterprises advantages over the competition and helps them to open up new markets.

Siemens is a strategic partner that helps drive our business forward. Tailored financing puts us in a stronger market position.
Reiner Fries, SW CEO

Smart financing leads to success

To benefit fully from digitalization, companies have to keep investing in new technologies. 76 percent of CFOs that took part in a new Siemens study confirmed this. Suitable financial solutions play a key role here.

Strengthening SMEs

Small and medium-sized businesses are especially strong in Germany but they also form the backbone of the economy all over the world. Digitalization provides great opportunities to these companies in particular. Siemens supports them both with technology and the right financing.

Tailored financial solutions

Internationalization and digitalization pose major challenges for industry. Siemens offers the tailored financial solutions for companies to invest successfully and to improve their competitiveness.

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