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Creating value for vendors

A manufacturer of equipment or technology? An international or national vendor, dealer or distributor or a Siemens channel partner? We provide sales financing solutions and programs, designed to add value to your sales, enhance your agility and strengthen your proposition. We work with you to improve sales opportunities and overcome competitive pressures by providing a distinct and tangible point of difference at the point of sale. 

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Driving customer sales

How our sales financing solutions boost your competitiveness

Financing from Siemens can be the igniting spark for a customer’s buying decision and allows a technology vendor or OEM to add value to their proposition and strengthen their long-term customer relationships. Our smart financing arrangements either during or at the end of term can also help customers manage their technology over time, assist in replacement and upgrading and lead to increased customer satisfaction and retention.


Working with us, you can benefit from:


  • The ability of offering customers a complete finance solution, with options to also include maintenance, servicing and software.
  • Our affordable payment options can help your end-customer to consider a higher technical specification and enable access to the optimum solution to fit their needs.
  • The strong and trusted Siemens brand, recognized and respected throughout the globe, giving your customers confidence from the outset. 

Reassure your customers that the financing is taken care of and you’ll ensure they can easily acquire and benefit from your technology and solutions. We pay you the full price of the machinery and technology from the outset, whilst your customer pays us over an agreed finance period. That makes obtaining the technology more affordable for them, enabling them to afford a higher specification that ultimately helps you to increase sales.


Offering your customers fast, dependable finance from a trusted provider that has a wealth of experience of working in the vendor finance arena helps strengthen your customer relationship over the long term. 

With a wide range of financial solutions, we can create financing programs and associated payment plans precisely tailored to your customers situation that boost the prospect of sales.


Where budget is a concern, our individual solutions make it easy to align customer payments based on the expected benefits of use of the equipment or how fast they bring it on stream. 

All our solutions, together with our support facilities means that financing programs are simple to introduce in the field and easy to implement. Our range of solutions* for your customers includes:

  • Machinery & technology finance
  • Software finance
  • Maintenance, service & consumables inclusive finance
  • Retrofit finance
  • Per per use solutions
  • Outcomes finance 

*Options vary according to local circumstances and regulations


We are digitalization engaged. Siemens is a recognized leader in technology and digital transformation. With us, vendors throughout the world can rely on specialist financing expertise delivered with the latest online platforms, Apps and other digital tools. Offering a seamless and integrated service for your customers, making the process fast and simple, at point of sale.  We provide:

  • Online end-to-end finance sales support tools
  • Finance calculators (which can be integrated within the vendor’s website) and Apps
  • Automated decisioning & credit scoring
  • Paperless solutions (e.g. eSignature)
  • Sales management tools (e.g. finance performance & KPIs)

Value-added services

Our approach focuses on understanding your business, your priorities, the developments in your technology and sector and your customer base. Our goal is to create a joint program that will enhance your customer value proposition. We can offer:

Global network, local execution

International Vendor Programs

Our vendor finance capabilities extend across a global network of financing hubs. With our expertise in a broad range of local economies, regulations and industries, we provide financing solutions that help you drive international sales. With presence in 14 countries across the globe and a full organizational setup in each country location, our finance experts work with you to create a formalized international vendor account management process – effectively connecting global topics to local execution.

Market expertise

Finance solutions for various markets

Our expertise in a wide range of sectors worldwide means we understand the possibilities and lifecycles of the machinery, technology and solutions we finance.
Customer references

Finance enabling customer success

Siemens leverages the technology experience needed to understand your individual vision and the financial know-how required to bring it to life, anywhere in the world. Learn more about how we’re helping businesses in industrial production, healthcare and energy today. 
Latest research

Siemens Financial Services Insights

Use our insights to support your sales pitch. Read our research to learn more about how financing can help you boost sales performance and how technology is redefining the landscape for your customers.
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Financing to meet their needs

Enable your customers to remain competitive with the machinery and technology they need. Our finance plans remove barriers to investing by making equipment or technology more affordable. Contact us today to find out how we can make your next sale easier and faster.

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