International Key Vendor Summit by Siemens Financial Services

November, 18 2021 

Join us at our first International Key Vendor Summit

In 90 minutes we will discuss how integrated financing solutions can drive sales and support your customers. The agenda will cover the following key topics: 
  • Why vendor financing solutions are at the heart of the Siemens Financial Services offering and strategy 
  • How vendors can work with us to achieve profitable growth now and in the future 
  • How our vendor finance programs can adapt to customer requirements and evolving opportunities
  • A virtual manufacturing company visit to see smart solutions and processes in action
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Global network, local execution

International Vendor Programs

Our vendor finance capabilities extend across a global network of financing hubs. With our expertise in a broad range of local economies, regulations and industries, we provide financing solutions that help you drive international sales. With presence in 14 countries across the globe and a full organizational setup in each country location, our finance experts work with you to create a formalized international vendor account management process – effectively connecting global topics to local execution.