Easing the pressure: smart finance for healthcare

Sustainable pathways to digital transformation in healthcare with smart finance solutions

Creating value in healthcare through the crisis and beyond

Global healthcare management has been undergoing radical transformation with the pandemic adding further pressure on already strained healthcare systems. Smart finance has the potential to unlock billions for essential healthcare transformation and technology investment.

Key points from the study

  • Examines the potential impact of the pandemic on accelerating digital transformation in health systems worldwide. 
  • Transforming care delivery and improving patient experience requires an up-front investment in modern (usually digitalized) technologies.
  • With budgets constrained smart finance is needed to access new-generation equipment and technology, and make digital transformation happen in a financially sustainable way. 
  • Estimates the level of funds that can be liberated by smart finance – rather than being ‘frozen’ - and used to implement sustainable tranfsormation projects. 
  • Tracks the pressure on resources in healthcare around the world using its Healthcare Value Indicator model.
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