Financing Decarbonization: Manufacturing

An insight paper exploring how smart finance can enable industrial energy optimization and offer competitive advantage. 

Investing in Industrial Energy Optimization

Manufacturers are under pressure to produce more - faster and for less. This insight paper from Siemens Financial Services looks at the journey ahead for manufacturers seeking to optimize energy usage and reduce carbon emissions. The study explores how smart financing can enable acquisition of key energy efficiency technologies and secure operational cost reductions without having to invest capital up front.

Key points from the research

  • The manufacturing sector is currently facing a number of pressures – including shareholder, regulatory and environmental - to reduce carbon emissions and optimize energy demand. 
  • The current economic climate however has provoked  greater caution over capital spending making investment in necessary technology a challenge. 
  • This insight paper estimates the scale of energy cost reduction in manufacturing that can be achieved through smart finance. 
  • To overcome this financial obstacle, manufacturers are partnering with specialist vendors and financiers who offer smart finance focused on delivering outcomes - lower energy costs – using whatever technologies are most effective to do so. 
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The manufacturing paper is part on an insight series from Siemens Financial Services, which estimates the decarbonization benefit that smart finance enables for countries globally seeking to meet ambitious climate change targets - On the Road, In the Building, At the Factory.