Igniting Sales - the Vendor Finance Series

An insight series exploring how smart finance can bolster vendor sales through the pandemic and beyond.
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A series from Siemens Financial Services which explores the game-changing potential of smart finance programs for machinery and technology vendors. Covering a range of business development phases relevant to vendors and OEMs, the research examines how integrated finance can enable post-pandemic recovery and growth, and enhance sales and profitability. Illustrated with examples and expert interviews, the series lays out today's business pressures and offers a list of key considerations when working with a financing partner.
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Vendor Sales Finance

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International Vendor Programs

Our vendor finance capabilities extend across a global network of financing hubs. With our expertise in a broad range of local economies, regulations and industries, we provide financing solutions that help you drive international sales. With presence in 14 countries across the globe and a full organizational setup in each country location, our finance experts work with you to create a formalized international vendor account management process – effectively connecting global topics to local execution.

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