The HiMed Solution - An offering for all Stakeholders

The new Cockpit pro+ offers great comfort, adapted to patients needs, and reduces the workload for doctors and nurses

Increasing patient requirements, permanent cost pressure, demographic developments, increasing safety requirements and resource bottlenecks require special agility and process optimization from hospitals.

In order to provide you with sustainable support in these challenges, the HiMed portfolio offers suitable solutions from patient admission to discharge and especially at the point of care. 

Cockpit pro+ iF Design Award 2022 Winner 

Cockpit pro+ is the professional multimedia tablet for a patient's bedside. It offers economic, intuitive and patient-compliant operation with tactile as well as optical feedback of the function keys to allow optimum user-friendliness in a hospital environment - no matter what age group
and at any time of day or night. By integrating hospital processes, personnel are relieved and
the patient experience improved. The design and material selection stringently reflects the requirements relating to easy cleaning and disinfection as well as resistance to chemicals in
the medical domain.


Digitalization at the patient's bedside - efficient, safe and economical

The HiMed Cockpit pro+ multimedia terminal offers patients an unprecedented level of convenience and infotainment. In addition to watching television, listening to the radio, making phone calls and watching films, patients can surf the Internet, obtain information via a patient portal and use existing applications at the bedside. The integrated webcam even allows a virtual hospital visit of family and friends. The Cockpit can be easily used as BYOD access point - for mobile devices brought along by the patients.  

For the medical and nursing sector, the cockpit actively supports the medical processes at the patient's bedside. The direct link to the hospital information system means that data (e. g. from the electronic patient records) can be viewed directly at the bedside and the necessary action can be taken immediately.

The Cockpit can be easily integrated into the patient’s room using the existing infrastructure in the building and taking security requirements into account. This saves both time and money. Additional revenue is generated from the services offered such as telephone, TV, video on demand and the internet, while optimizing the processes at the patient’s bedside enhances the efficiency and attractiveness of the hospital.

HiMed mobile

Whether in the waiting area before an examination or in the cafeteria - the HiMed mobile app gives patients access to information and entertainment outside the patient's room. Using the hospital's WLAN infrastructure, patients' own smartphones and tablets become infotainment devices for mobile use - all with the familiar HiMed look and feel.
HiMed mobile integrates smoothly into the hospital's infrastructure - a cost-effective solution without additional installation expenses. With the consistent use of web services, HiMed mobile is platform-independent - this concept supports a wide variety of patients' smartphones and tablets.

Designed to meet the specific needs of patients, HiMed mobile offers:

  • Television, radio with program guide and preview
  • Hospital information
  • Digital reading circle
  • Games available for all ages 
  • Navigation within the hospital building and on campus

Your benefits at a glance

  • Additional patient comfort
  • Integration of mobile devices such as mobiles, tablets or laptops
  • Reduced workload through optimization of hospital processes
  • Use of the hospital infrastructure
  • Taking hospital and network security into account
  • Increasing mobility
  • Additional revenue & cost savings

Systemized communication – our comprehensive portfolio

Specially developed for the healthcare sector, this communication solution adapts perfectly to suit every organization. The innovative design facilitates simple integration into existing technical infrastructures while its open architecture provides the necessary flexibility to allow for future developments. The extensive HiMed portfolio offers our customers a careful selection of HiMed multimedia terminals, LED TVs, patient telephones and other terminal devices, always tailored to suit your equipment needs. With HiMed your entire organization benefits from maximum user-friendliness and significantly reduced workloads.


HiMed billing- and administration

HiMed enables the operator to use the services offered, such as television, pay TV, BYOD with Internet access for online and in-house services, free of charge or subject to a charge. Individual fees can be set up and billed flexibly for the different user groups.

The variable fee structure, the integration of existing management systems, such as hospital information system, menu ordering, patient surveys and quality management as well as the design of the user interfaces for the multimedia terminal Cockpit including the central software distribution can be easily and independently administered and carried out.

The Cockpit 12 pro+ and the Cockpit 18 pro+ are professional multimedia terminals at the patient`s bedside. They offer patients maximum comfort, outstanding performance as well as brilliant display and reproduction when watching television, listening to the radio, making telephone calls and surfing the Internet.

The ergonomic and patient-friendly operation via touchscreen and tactile function keys enables all patient groups to use the system easily and conveniently.

The Cockpit can be easily and variably integrated in the patient rooms and can be used as BYOD access point for mobile devices brought along by the patients. This not only optimizes and expands the hospital infrastructure, but also saves time and costs.
The Cockpit provides the hospital with future-proof IT architecture at the patient's bedside. Further, revenue from the services provided as well as the optimized processes increase the cost effectiveness and the attractiveness of the hospital.

The patient terminal MediSET combines the operating functions for telephony, TV, radio and light control at the patient ‘s bedside in only one device. The patients benefit from a clearly arranged and self-explanatory user interface.

By means of a contactless chip card, HiMed enables the billing of chargeable services.

The MediSET is available in different versions:

  • MediSET IP for the integration into the existing LAN infrastructure and with the option of PoE supply
  • MediSET 6 for analogue connection
  • MediSET USB for direct connection to the multimedia terminal Cockpit 12/18 pro

The HiMed LED TV offers a brilliant picture in all available sizes. The sound output can be made openly via the built-in loudspeaker or galvanically safe via headphones on the MediSET. It is possible to connect the LED devices directly via IP or via coax and to program them comfortably from the central HiMed server.

System overview

Payment systems

The payment functions are flexible and can be implemented with little effort.

HiMed and HIS clients can be used as teller workstations and combined with vending machines, online payment and payments via HiMed vouchers.

BYOD – Integration of mobiles and tablets

The HiMed solution offers the integration of patient's own Wi-Fi devices. These devices can also be used for in-house information and applications as well as streaming channels. Access to the WLAN is controlled via the HiMed system and can be billed individually. 

By integrating patients as far as possible into the day-to-day hospital routine, multiple synergies are provided. On the one hand, up-to-date information and services boost patient satisfaction, and on the other hand, the workload placed on doctors and hospital staff is reduced. For example, patients can select meals whenever they want directly at their screen, obtain additional information about the hospital's services, participate in patient surveys online and retrieve personal data via a patient portal.


The Siemens multimedia terminal provides the platform for applications that support patient empowerment and thus the patient process in hospitals.

When it comes to taking care of patients, the cockpit actively supports the various bedside processes. The cockpit is directly connected to the hospital information system (HIS), so that information and data (for example electronic patient records) can be directly viewed at the bed and necessary treatments immediately documented.

After having logged-on – and with the appropriate authorization – the doctor and hospital staff can access individual patient data up to the complete patient’s records. The security of sensitive data is always guaranteed with the help of smartcards with RFID onboard.

Physicians profit by multimedia patient education and access to the EPR (Electronic Patient Record)

Improved processes by digital x-rays and the care documentation at the patient's bed