Vectron Dual Mode

Keeps going where the wire ends

Vectron Dual Mode unites all the advantages of a full-featured diesel locomotive with those of an electric locomotive. Thanks to its powerful diesel engine and equipment for using overhead wire, you can flexibly respond to your traction requirements at any time – so you’ll always keep moving, with or without an overhead wire.

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Vectron Dual Mode

When subsections become a unified whole

Whenever an overhead wire is available, it should be used. Electrical operation is much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than diesel operation. But because Germany will continue to have many non-electrified sections of track for a long time to come, many diesel locomotives still operate under a contact line. This makes very little economic or ecological sense. What if there was a real alternative – a locomotive that excels in both operating modes?

Your benefits

Uniquely cost-efficient

When flexibility drastically reduces costs

A driver of higher cost effectiveness

With Vectron Dual Mode, you’ll handle a wide range of traction tasks much more economically than with a standard diesel locomotive. Every kilometer saves fuel and thereby reduces energy costs. You’ll also reduce the number of hours your diesel generator set is operating. Altogether, you’ll benefit from a reduction in maintenance and energy costs of up to 53 percent. So why not use traction power when you’re just a press of a button away from maximum cost efficiency?

Pioneering ecofriendliness

When savings open up new paths

A pioneer in sustainable freight transport

The issue of environmental pollution is becoming increasingly important in cities and metropolitan areas. With Vectron Dual Mode, you’ll make an important contribution to sustainable freight transport. By taking advantage of electricity wherever possible, you reduce carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and particulate matter emissions. This lets you reduce your annual local emissions of 950 tons of CO2, six tons of nitrogen oxide, and 37 kg of particulate matter compared with a standard diesel locomotive – and significantly improve your fleet’s environmental performance.

Vectron Dual Mode – Keeps going where the wire ends

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In detail

A proven solution that’s driving the future

Choose proven technology today that you’ll be able to rely on it tomorrow and beyond. For years, the Vectron locomotive platform has delivered maximum reliability and operational safety. With Vectron Dual Mode, you can count on a combination of the best properties of diesel and electric locomotives as well as trend-setting quality and tried-and-tested Vectron expertise that’s been proven in operation.

Vectron Dual Mode at a glance

With Vectron Dual Mode, diesel operation inside major cities and conurbations is a thing of the past. Freight trains from surrounding regions can be conveyed into highly populated city centers with minimal impact on the environment.

Vectron Dual Mode facts and figures


Keeps going where the wire ends

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