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Easy Sparovation Part

Improved spare parts through additive manufacturing

With additive manufacturing, Siemens Mobility Services can make original parts for railway operations for decades – and even improve their design – using 3D data and without tools. We call it Easy Sparovation Part. It opens up new possibilities for replacing and modernizing your parts and improving your vehicles with new components. For example, it can give you replacement parts that are much lighter and stronger than the originals.

Easy Sparovation Part – faster, more efficient, better

Improved replacements with higher utility and lower costs, made on site in a shorter time.

With Easy Sparovation Part by Siemens Mobility Services, your replacement parts are made on a metal or plastic printer in just hours, using CAD parts data. Among the many benefits is the fast availability of additive manufactured spare parts: for example, where parts are needed only sporadically, or for unplanned needs resulting from accidents. Even complex part geometries can be made quickly, reliably, and flexibly, in even very small runs. The potential this offers for continuous re-engineering is also of great interest. Additive manufacturing can readily incorporate new findings from actual use, new material technologies, ergonomic improvements, and additional functions – to meet new legal requirements, improve working conditions, or address the changed design expectations of your passengers. This makes the part an improvement over the original.

The data sets are always included in future modifications, so a gapless digital documentation is created as a welcome by-product. This in turn assures you of a fast, smooth manufacturing process in the future as well, even for parts that are only rarely needed.

More on additive manufacturing

Layer by layer to completion

The production method is called “additive” because the product is made by adding layer after layer. The material used is powdered. After application it is thermally fused to make a three-dimensional form, for example, using a laser beam. This process permits a virtually unlimited variety of shapes to be made, including forms taken from nature (bionics). The process often involves complex material combinations, and can only be managed digitally in high-end industrial applications. With its additive manufacturing infrastructure, consistent digitalization approach, and decades of experience with industrial components, Siemens is at the forefront of the development of this technology.

Additive manufacturing from metal powder

The Siemens metal printer in Erlangen can print metal parts on demand, in stainless steel or aluminum, for example. Parts can also be mechanically machined here after their creation.

Additive manufacture of plastic parts

The Siemens plastic printer can make parts up to 900 x 600 x 900 mm in size. The material meets current fire safety standards for railway technology in the most important requirement classifications. The finished parts can also be painted.

Better in at least four cases

Additive manufacture of spare parts is of particular benefit:

1. For small runs

2. For high specialization and customization

3. When parts are no longer available due to obsolescence

4. When shipping distances are long: for example, when there is no local manufacturing capacity

Dramatic growth in applications and production speed

Vision 2020: Accident replacement parts worldwide, overnight

Siemens is expanding its global network of high-performance 3D printers, with the objective of printing replacement parts close to customers, quickly and environment-friendly. The vision for 2020: If you as a railway operator somewhere in the world need a hard-to-find spare part, the specs will be sent on the network to the printer that is closest to your location. The product will be printed in just a few hours and delivered to you overnight. The short distance also reduces the CO2 emissions.

Unbroken data chain from design to final inspection


Additive manufacture of spares in practice

Additively manufactured parts by Siemens Mobility Services are already in successful use by railroads, as shown by the following references.


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