Silux2 family of signal heads

The latest generation of signal heads

The Siemens Silux2 signal heads have already proven their technical superiority in countless installations in many different countries – and in some of the harshest environments. With Silux2 VLP we have now taken things a step further and empowered our Silux signal heads for 1Watt Technology. Based on Sitraffic One, we have developed what is probably the world’s most economical traffic signaling system.

Silux2 – the new series of LED signal heads

When we launched our first LED signal heads, municipal authorities were delighted with the opportunity to save up to 90% in electricity costs compared to conventional signal heads. Our new Silux2 family of LED signal heads is equipped with the latest generation of LED light sources, which clearly outperform their predecessors.

The new Silux2 signal heads boast truly brilliant optical properties. The luminous intensity distribution is even better, and we have also succeeded in further enhancing luminance uniformity, for even more safety at intersections. Virtually all Silux2 signal heads achieve the highest phantom class rating.

The new Siemens family of signal heads is equipped with especially reliable and efficient driver boards. Durable and robust components, exceptionally reliable and stable operation of the LED modules as well as improved heat management ensure high operational availability and an extended service life.

All Silux2 LED signal heads can be equipped with different exchangeable symbol inserts. The inserts are designed as masks and can be easily fitted on the inside of the detachable front lens. Upon request, non-standard symbols are available at short notice. 

Every Silux2 LED light source is equipped with an electronic monitoring circuit designed for optimum interaction with Siemens controllers. This circuit permanently monitors the power and voltage values of the LEDs. In case a measured value falls below or exceeds the defined thresholds, the input current is cut immediately and the signal head safely powered off.

Silux2.230LPD and Silux2.230D signal heads can be dimmed for night-time operation. The reduced light intensity prevents blooming effects on the symbols as well as glare effects that would affect the drivers’ vision.

The new Silux2 signal heads are available as retrofit kits or as complete signal heads installed in Ecolight and Classic housings. Their practical design makes upgrading existing systems fast and easy. 

Silux2 LED signal heads are designed for optimum compatibility with the Sitraffic family of controllers from Siemens. The table below lists the controllers that work best with each signal head.

The six versions of the new signar head family
LED signal head for 40-V systems
LED signal head for 230-V systems with dimming function and a low power consumption of only 3.5 - 5 Watts for connection to the new Siemens Sitraffic sX-H controllers
LED signal head for 230-V systems with a low power consumption of only 5 W for connection to the new Siemens Sitraffic sX-H controllers
The LED signal head for 230-V systems, with dimming function
Standard 230-V LED signal head for Sitraffic C900V controllers and legacy systems
Silux2 VLP
LED signal head with a very low power consumption of only 1 - 2 W per signal head aspect, compatible with Sitraffic C920ES and Sitraffic sX-V controllers

Global first – Silux2 VLP certified to SIL3 safety standard

On the road, safety is key. Traffic signals are there to keep all road users safe from harm. Thus it is imperative to prevent simultaneous green lights for intersecting traffic flows. For this purpose, Siemens – as the first provider worldwide – has introduced an optical monitoring function that checks if the signal heads are actually lit. Thanks to this multi-layer monitoring concept, Silux2 VLP achieves the highest safety integrity level (SIL3) for road traffic equipment – a global first.

The Silux2 VLP signal head needs no more than 1 to 2 watts. On the basis of 1Watt Technology, we have developed what is probably the world’s most economical intersection solution: Sitraffic One.

Silux2 family of signal heads. Feature highlights:

  • Energy consumption of only 1 to 2 watts
  • Up to 80% lower energy need as predecessor 230V LED signal heads
  • Unique optical monitoring of the Silux2 VLP signal head
  • Two microprocessors allow the collection and analysis of large volumes of data
  • Preventive maintenance of the LEDs possible
  • The world’s first SIL3-certified signal head 
Our new Silux2 series of signal heads

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Sitraffic One, the world’s most economical traffic signaling system

Energy efficiency is an important issue for cities and municipalities. Not only do energy-efficient applications reduce consumption costs, but also bring greater sustainability and promote a green image. So to reduce the costs of your traffic system and contribute to sustainability, Siemens has now developed Sitraffic One, the most economical traffic signaling system in the world. With Sitraffic One we are presenting the world's first solution to meet these requirements: the complete "1-watt intersection" with a safety integrity level of SIL3.

Sitraffic One – saves energy and reduces costs

  • With Sitraffic One, the power consumption of a signal head is reduced to 1 to 2 watts per aspect.
  • This is an improvement of more than 85% compared to standard 230V LED signal heads.
  • At a typical intersection, Sitraffic One saves about 1,600 kWh of power annually, enough to supply a 1-person household.
  • Lower energy consumption means less climate-damaging CO₂ - over 960 kg less per year, to be exact.
  • With Sitraffic One, a city like Berlin could save € 500,000 in energy costs every year ...
  • … and reduce its carbon footprint by about 2,000 tons. Without the upgrade, Berlin would have to plant around 2,000 deciduous trees every year to offset those CO₂ emissions.
  • In any city that still uses a large number of conventional incandescent light sources, the investment in Sitraffic One will pay for itself in less than five years.

Energy-saving features of Sitraffic One

Sitraffic One helps enhance road safety and provides a wider financial scope for the responsible municipal authorities. These are some of the levers:

  • Sitraffic One uses digital LED driver modules.
  • Sitraffic One operates without energy-hungry analogous load resistors and switching elements in the signal heads.
  • Sitraffic One uses the latest generation of LEDs with especially low power demand.
  • Sitraffic One includes an innovative monitoring function that prevents simultaneous green lights for intersecting traffic flows – for even lower energy consumption.

Sitraffic One. Benefits and highlights:

  • You benefit from low-power traffic light operation.
  • This reduces your energy costs...
  • … and substantially improves your carbon footprint.
  • You profit from the especially high reliability of SIL3-certified signal heads, the highest available safety certificate for traffic control equipment.
  • You can count on failure-free traffic light operation even in case of grid fluctuations (caused by renewable power sources, for instance).
  • You boost your community’s image by positioning it as a sustainable “green city”.
  • You sustainably improve the quality of life in the entire region.
Sitraffic One

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New technology makes for extra brilliance and cost-effectiveness

With Silux2, Siemens has introduced a completely new generation of signal heads that score with brilliance, energy efficiency, safety and an extended lifetime. Called Silux2 VLP, the “Very Low Power” version of Silux2 can be used as part of a 1-watt configuration based on Sitraffic One, enabling what is probably the world’s most economical intersection. 

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