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Where speed limits, passing restrictions and situation-specific warnings have been implemented, congestion and accidents decline. As all vehicles move at a consistent speed, emission levels are reduced as well. Road capacity is significantly increased. The Sitraffic Conduct+ highway management system makes a decisive contribution to all these improvements.

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Sitraffic Conduct+

Less congestion, fewer accidents, higher capacity

Sitraffic Conduct+ is extremely versatile: The system can be used to control variable message and direction signs as well as lane-use signals and barriers. In addition, it supplies data to traffic information services and smoothly integrates tolling systems, video surveillance equipment, emergency systems and environmental and traffic data acquisition devices as well as all traffic engineering facilities in road tunnels. 

Sitraffic Conduct+ allows the realization of all types of traffic management functions

  • Traffic guidance across large or small networks (route or parking information)
  • Manual or automated roadway section control (e.g. congestion and incident alerts, weather warnings on fog or wet roadway; temporary opening of hard shoulders)
  • Intersection and access control (ramp metering and lane control signs)
  • Traffic control in tunnels as well as upstream and downstream
  • Incident management 

The automated or semi-automated implementation of control interventions by the management center is based on highly complex analyses. This often requires the collection and correct interpretation of numerous situational factors across long road sections and wide areas. Sitraffic Conduct+ analyzes the data provided by all connected sensors and systems and generates the optimum intervention measures. 

Smart algorithms for the interpretation of data from sensors and camera systems allow Sitraffic Conduct+ to automatically detect accidents and wrong-way drivers. Conduct+ alerts the control center operators to the situation, generates warnings for display along the affected road section, informs police, traffic information agencies and emergency services – almost all at once and even autonomously, if the customer wishes.

Sitraffic Conduct+ can serve to implement effective ramp metering whenever an overload situation on the main route is imminent. This prevents traffic jams before they even have a chance to form. Experience from recent years shows that this measure can increase the average travel speed by up to 25%, boosting capacity and throughput accordingly.

Sitraffic Conduct+ is equipped to process data from all kinds of sources: from urban traffic guidance and management systems and neighboring highway control centers as well as from various authorities and a large variety of sensors. The make and model of those systems doesn’t matter because Sitraffic Conduct+ features open interfaces according to international standards and can smoothly interact with subsystems of many different providers.

These days, constantly updated traffic information on the radio and the internet or in navigation systems is a must. Sitraffic Conduct+ supplies all necessary data and traffic situation reports directly to the state authorities, media, service providers and any other interested parties - an important prerequisite in helping drivers make smart route choices in order to avoid traffic jams.

Siemens takes integration to a new level

Siemens has developed a new, integrated control center that combines PLC-controlled tunnel operating systems with motorway control technology. This minimizes the number of interfaces to be coordinated and provides holistic operation functionality – for enhanced safety in controlling complex systems.

Sitraffic Conduct+. Benefits and highlights:

  • Improved traffic quality (traffic harmonization)
  • Shorter travel times, less congestion
  • Enhanced safety: fewer accidents, both primary and secondary
  • Fast intervention in case of traffic disturbances or hazardous weather or road conditions
  • Automated, semi-automated and manual control
  • Several Conduct+ subsystems can be linked up to a single operator station within a traffic management system
  • Supports standard interfaces such as TLSoverIP, NTCIP, OPC UA, IEC 104
  • High availability, redundant architecture

In the future, the system will be able to integrate freeway and tunnel control systems that can manage both traffic control and operational systems from a single control center 

Sitraffic Conduct+ highway management system

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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.
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Sitraffic Conduct+

Network-oriented traffic and system control based on Sitraffic Conduct+ software from Siemens makes South Bavaria’s traffic regulating systems easier to operate.
Sitraffic Conduct+ software from Siemens makes South Bavaria’s traffic regulating systems easier to operate

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Less congestion, fewer accidents, higher capacity: Benefit from the capabilities of the versatile Sitraffic Conduct+ highway management center.

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