Siemens ProductCERT and Siemens CERT

The central expert teams for immediate response to security threats and issues affecting Siemens products, solutions, services, or infrastructure.

Siemens ProductCERT is a dedicated team of seasoned security experts that manages the receipt, investigation, internal coordination, and public reporting of security issues related to Siemens products, solutions, or services. ProductCERT cultivates strong and credible relationships with partners and security researchers around the globe to advance Siemens product security, to enable and support development of industry best practices, and most importantly to help Siemens customers manage security risks. The team acts as the central contact point for security researchers, industry groups, government organizations, and vendors to report potential Siemens product security vulnerabilities. This team will coordinate and maintain communication with all involved parties, internal and external, in order to appropriately respond to identified security issues. Security Advisories are released in order to inform customers about necessary steps to securely operate Siemens products and solutions.   Siemens CERT is a dedicated team of Security Engineers with the mission to secure the Siemens infrastructure. CERT monitors the current Cyber Threat Landscape for Siemens and assesses its potential impact to the enterprise. Based on that know-how and the latest technological trends, it consults the Information Technology department in Siemens to improve the enterprise IT Security. The team is responsible for coordinating the response to Cyber Security Incidents within Siemens. To achieve its mission, CERT leverages the relationships with various internal and external stakeholders world-wide, such as CSIRT networks, technical communities, and the security researcher communities. CERT is also recognized as a trusted research partner by academia and industry, with numerous projects and publications in its expert area.

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Siemens Security Advisories

Siemens ProductCERT investigates all reports of security issues and publishes Security Advisories for validated security vulnerabilities that directly involve Siemens products and require applying an update, performing an upgrade, or other customer action. As part of the ongoing effort to help operators manage security risks and help keep systems protected, Siemens ProductCERT discloses the required information necessary for operators to assess the impact of a security vulnerability.

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Siemens ProductCERT and Siemens CERT continuously monitor the cyber threat landscape as well as dedicated cyber-attack campaigns against Siemens products, solutions, services, or infrastructure. In order to provide timely support to Siemens customers and operators on imminent cyber threats, Siemens issues Security Alerts and News.

Hall of Thanks

Siemens would like to express its sincere thanks to all individuals ethically reporting security issues in Siemens' products, solutions, services, or infrastructure.
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Feel free to contact us in any security-related question on the Siemens portfolio or infrastructure, and particularly if you want to report a potential security issue.   Please bear in mind that only emails composed in English or German can be considered, and encrypted communication is preferred. You can expect us to respond till the next business day in Germany (City: Munich).

Siemens ProductCERT - Contact for Products, Solutions, and Services

PGP Public Key and Fingerprint: 1F2C 7F9B 23F0 8C7F 6307 DB43 966E E04C 49B2 BA34

Siemens CERT - Contact for Infrastructure

PGP Public Key and Fingerprint: A3D1 8E40 D104 DEAD A112 3FF6 B485 0E2E 1AA2 2CD8

Security Vulnerability Handling and Disclosure Process

If you want to know more on how Siemens handles security vulnerabilities, have a look at the following document.


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