Hall of Thanks

Siemens expresses its sincere thanks to all individuals ethically reporting security issues in Siemens' products, solutions, or services.


Each name represents an individual or organization who has privately reported one or more security vulnerabilities in Siemens' products, solution, services, or infrastructure and worked with Siemens to mitigate the issue.
Contact & Information

Get In Touch with Siemens ProductCERT

Feel free to contact us in any security-related question on the Siemens portfolio or infrastructure, and particularly if you want to report a potential security issue.   Please bear in mind that only emails composed in English or German can be considered, and encrypted communication is preferred. You can expect us to respond till the next business day in Germany (City: Munich).

Siemens ProductCERT - Contact for Products, Solutions, and Services

PGP Public Key and Fingerprint: 1F2C 7F9B 23F0 8C7F 6307 DB43 966E E04C 49B2 BA34

Siemens CERT - Contact for Infrastructure

PGP Public Key and Fingerprint: A3D1 8E40 D104 DEAD A112 3FF6 B485 0E2E 1AA2 2CD8

Security Vulnerability Handling and Disclosure Process

If you want to know more on how Siemens handles security vulnerabilities, have a look at the following document.