OT Protection &  Consulting 

For secure digitalization of your factory.  

Security threats force the industry to take action

OT systems are suffering daily cyberattacks which are constantly evolving both in frequency and sophistication. Many OT systems were designed at times when cyberattacks were not a concern and consist of components that do not receive security updates, and employ unsecure protocols. Securing such vulnerable environments is therefore essential and comes with OT-specific characteristics such as high availability, security and system resilience. With our holistic approach, we are able to uncover vulnerabilities, and develop tailored protection concepts in order to defend against threats before they cause major damage.

Is your OT security up to date with digitalization?

Siemens experts help to define and increase security level at plant:
  • Our expertise is your advantage: we have continuously developed our expertise by securing Siemens own IT/OT infrastructure and Siemens products for more than 30 years
  • Powerful team: we build interdisciplinary teams with strong know-how in both, cybersecurity and industrial control systems respectively
  • No vendor lock-in: we follow leading industry standards such as IEC 62443, ISO 27001 and NIST CSF
  • Practical experience: to date, we have successfully managed well over 100 projects over more than 15 countries
Holistic approach

Our OT security consulting approach at a glance

Based on our know-how in both, cybersecurity and industrial control systems, respectively - as well as in leading industry standards (such as IEC 62443, ISO/IEC 27001, NIST CSF) we offer cybersecurity consulting which is the first step to make your business processes secure.

Siemens Industrial Cybersecurity Offering

End-to-End - from competent experts to tailored solutions and concrete use cases:
  • Identification of security risks and vulnerabilities through Gap Assessments, Risk Assessments, Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Program development and ISMS/CSMS introduction, aligned with industry standards and local regulations (e.g. EU NIS, German IT-SiG)
  • Definition and deployment of protection concepts tailored to customer-specific needs
  • Architecturing, integration and tuning of Security Monitoring solutions such as SIEM, IDs and network anomaly detection
  • Preparation of incident, response and disaster recovery plans including playbooks and drills



Why we are the right partner

We believe we are your partner of choice for secure factory digitalization using our holistic cybersecurity offering and expertise. To achieve the best possible result, our experts tailor our flexible solutions to your needs.

1 years


in the application and consulting of industrial cybersecurity services.

1 +


per year in ICS / OT environments.

1 +


in which we have consulted our customers with our expertise in cybersecurity and industrial control systems as well as leading industry standards (e.g. IEC 62443, ISO 27001, NIST CSF).

Deep dive

Do you struggle with asset management in your facility?

In comparison to IT environments, ensuring cybersecurity in OT is significantly more complex. Production systems usually can not be taken offline to install security updates or technologies. But how can cybersecurity be ensured without shutting down production processes? Our competent experts will help you find a solution.


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