Guarding the Gates to a Converging World

SiESTA Whitepaper by Frost & Sullivan

The past decade witnessed a torrent of attacks on critical industrial networks, revealing the magnitude of damage caused by sensitive assets landing in the wrong hands. IT–OT convergence will allow organizations to increase efficiency through enhanced interoperability between disparate systems, paving the way for streamlined business analytics and process improvements. However, organizations that are not careful might be combining IT and OT networks without adequate segmentation, leading to less secure OT hardware operating in the broader IT environment. This study explores in detail where the security pain points are and how a converged IT–OT testing solution can help alleviate these challenges.


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  • The What, Why, and Why Now of OPSEC
  • The Blueprint for Holistic OPSEC
  • How to Foster a Test-First, Compliance-Forward Security Culture 
  • The Siemens Model: Single-Pane Discovery, Detection, and Reporting

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