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Why Vilocify

Vilocify empowers you to secure your infrastructure and product portfolio by providing relevant, actionable vulnerability intelligence. We have many years of expertise in protecting some of the world's most critical assets for large organizations and with Vilocify you can now use it too.

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Vilocify alerts you in real-time about vulnerabilities affecting software and hardware utilized in your products and infrastructure. Our unique monitoring approach ensures that you receive the relevant information based on your individual selection of third-party components. We achieve this by monitoring thousands of security sources using advanced technologies like natural language processing (NLP) in combination with in-depth analysis by acknowledged cybersecurity experts.

Minimizing time to patch for mission-critical applications and networks


New users per month

As the security posture of organizations is increasingly threatened, more and more people trust in Vilocify to keep track of their vulnerability landscape.


Years of service delivery

For two decades, our customers have been relying on Vilocify to protect the world's most critical assets and infrastructure.


30 %

Faster than search engines

In three out of four instances vulnerability information is gathered by our monitoring solution faster than it is indexed by leading search engines.

How to use Vilocify

Taking advantage of vulnerability intelligence has never been more convenient.

Define lists of components

Create lists of components tailored to your specific needs by selecting them from our curated catalog or by providing structured data. You will then only receive alerts affecting components in your lists. 

Receive alerts

Our real-time alerts help you to identify your vulnerabilities and upcoming end-of-life dates. With our experts' analysis you have all the necessary information available to quickly take action.

Integrate Vilocify into existing tools and processes

Enrich your IT asset management system and license compliance solution with high-quality vulnerability intelligence for a seamless one-stop overview.

Easily automate your development workflows by consuming our API. For example, create tickets in your issue tracking tool with reliable information you can act upon.

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During an individual demo session we will give you an overview of Vilocify, discuss your use cases and best-suited integration options.

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