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The Service Experts from Digital Enterprise Services take a comprehensive approach to digitalization as they help companies throughout their digital transformation process

Your digital factory is our common mission!

Speed up your digital transformation and benefit from the opportunities of Industry 4.0 for more sustainability and productivity. However, digitalization is not a sure-fire success - many companies get bogged down in the face of the seemingly endless new digital possibilities. That´s why we are here to help you from the beginning to the end of your digital journey and focus on the individual needs of your digital factory. How do we do that? Thanks to our Service Experts and their many years of experience and extensive knowledge - digitalization projects and digitalization strategies are successful right from the start. Service is more than you think! 

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Digitalization is changing industry

The digital transformation continues to pick up speed. Which means it isn’t a one-off activity but rather a constant process of renewal and change that has to happen faster and faster. Because of the complexity involved, many companies lack enough experts in digitalization and automation to keep up the pace. This is where we come in with our Service Experts, who not only have the technical knowledge but also the necessary experience with extensive digitalization projects to help you get the most out of the new opportunities.

Digitalization is about people

Technologies like the Industrial Internet of Things, digital twins, and artificial intelligence are often mentioned in regard to digitalization. But people play the key role: Only they can individually get to know a company and its employees and advise them, work with them to develop the right strategy, connect existing machines and plants to the Industrial Internet of Things, and apply their knowledge and experience to improving operations on an ongoing basis. That’s the only way to achieve a faster time to market for new products, manufacture them better, and reduce costs – while also making quality, availability, and performance completely transparent.

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Benefit from Digital Enterprise Services for your digital factory

Let's walk the path of digital transformation in industry together to increase your productivity and sustainability.

Your goal is an efficient, lean, digital factory with climate-neutral production. Thanks to our comprehensive approach to digitalization, you can make full use of the potential of digitalization in just three steps. Creating your future Digital Enterprise, your digital factory is our shared task!

Use potentials. Change structures. Work together.

Our Service Experts accompany you over the entire lifecycle of the products and work with you in three steps to develop the digital transformation of your digital factory. 

Our approach at a glance:

  • Step 1: Consulting
    Digital transformation consulting, including jointly developing a digitalization strategy and roadmap.
  • Step 2: Implementation
    Includes installing the necessary hardware, software, and sensors and creating digital twins.
  • Step 3: Optimization
    The key to success using innovative technologies like artificial intelligence; we build on data to create transparency and a solid basis for decision-making.
Digital transformation consulting is the basis of your digital transformation

In digital transformation consulting, we address your questions: What digitalization projects should we start with? How can I structure and implement these projects? How do I determine my digital maturity?


Our Service Experts have the necessary knowledge and an overview of all the relevant technologies, in addition to methods specifically developed to carefully assess your digital requirements and expectations. We work with you to determine your level of digitalization and develop a custom-coordinated digitalization strategy and roadmap, which lays the groundwork for the next stages of implementation and optimization.

Applying and successfully implementing your digitalization strategy based on the roadmap

We manage the installation of hardware, software, and sensors and integrate new technologies like artificial intelligence and the connections to edge and cloud systems. We also take charge of setting up digital twins of your machines, plants, products, and production lines. All along the value chain, the twins create the conditions for real-time data transfers and analyses. Putting new knowledge into practice and building future-oriented skills in your employees means special added value for your company.


The data generated in your company is tomorrow’s gold, and it’s the basis for targeted financial decisions that will ultimately lead to more growth and ensure your competitive advantage.

Optimization is the key to improving your profitability and leveraging new business potentials

Our focus is on optimizing your plant! The foundation for the digital transformation is the data generated by putting the hardware, software, and sensors into operation. As a Digital Enterprise, you can gather data along your entire value chain and analyze it using innovative algorithms and artificial intelligence to discover connections and make forecasts.


By planning ahead and recognizing trends, you’ll be able to improve both your service and your products. Using innovative smart technologies and data-driven services in conjunction with our digital skills creates tangible added value for your company.

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Digital Enterprise Services for every need

Comprehensive services throughout the entire life cycle

From the digital factory to a reliable supply of spare parts and fast assistance when an outage happens – with our Digital Enterprise Services offer, you can be sure of the best possible operation of your plant including digitalization to your needs.

Digital Enterprise Services in practice

The digital transformation and Industry 4.0 – implemented successfully using our digital solutions and knowledge.

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