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Drive digitalization with cutting-edge technologies

Let’s take digitalization to the next level and unleash efficiency potentials in your enterprise! Our service experts provide you individual concepts which are based on cutting-edge-technologies and algorithms. This enables the systematically detection and correction of faults at an early stage and the optimizations of maintenance – the decisive advantage when it comes to quality, costs and productivity.

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HANNOVER MESSE 2021, Apr 12 - Apr 16

Infinite opportunities from infinite data

Hannover Messe 2021 will take place from April 12 to 16 in digital format. Siemens will be participating with a unique virtual presence and event program.


Learn about all of our highlights in a realistic 3D environment at the Digital Enterprise Virtual Experience in line with the motto "Infinite opportunities from infinite data". This top-notch digital experience is sure to inspire you.


> Digital Enterprise Virtual Experience website

Human and Artificial Intelligence Podcast

Today's genius mind is Henning Ochsenfeld, Head of Data Science & ML-Engineering at Siemens Digital Industries. Find out his views on

  • why explainable AI will play a crucial role in the future
  • what great potential simulation and Reinforcement Learning offers the industry
  • and what AI has to do with beer brewing.
Make AI work for you

Industrial Artificial Intelligence in Service

In an industrial environment, motors, drives, controllers and sensors supply data in a large amount (Big Data) - which are processed locally (e.g. via edge computing) or in a cloud. The volume and the quality of the collected data and our Managed Services make sure that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is adapted to your individual requirements. Continuous improvement and transparency, will take your enterprise to the next level of productivity and efficiency – operation- and maintenance-wise.


Whitepaper: Reliable operations in industrial environments



Our Highlight

Closed Loop Analytics Services – Ongoing optimization is the key to success

Our mission is to increase overall plant availability in our customers' factories through the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence. We achieve this, by identifying as well as verifying the most relevant use case together with customer and the implementation, operation and optimization of the artificial intelligence module with Managed Operations.

Interpret data

From virtual to real benefits

The benefits of Artificial Intelligence are multifaceted and manifested on the product, process and strategic levels of manufacturing. With AI, machines no longer require special programming to perform specific tasks, as they learn to learn from their own experience.

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Services in practice

Discover what type of added value the practical application of our Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Services has in store for you. These references serve as examples:


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Our service experts look forward to showing you additional ways in which Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Services can also help your company progress towards the digital enterprise. Just use the contact button on the right to set up an appointment.

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