Predictive Services for Drive Systems

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Rely on efficient predictive maintenance

When it comes to ensuring maximum availability, increasing productivity, and boosting efficiency, what’s most important above all is to eliminate unplanned downtime and optimally plan maintenance activities. And that’s exactly what you can do with Predictive Services for Drive Systems. You can rely on this cloud-based solution that profitably combines industrial artificial intelligence and connectivity with expert services to precisely meet your service needs.

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Predictive Services for Drive Systems

The smart solution for future-proof plant operation

Predictive maintenance means preventing problems before they occur. It’s the most efficient way to avoid unplanned downtime while also increasing productivity and efficiency. And thanks to Predictive Services for Drive Systems, it’s easier than ever before.

Predictive maintenance gets more from your drive systems

Drive systems are a key element on your shop floor, and with predictive condition analysis you can fully exploit their potential. The video shows you how easy it is to enjoy the benefits of predictive maintenance using the Predictive Service Assistance app.

The solution

More intelligence for your drives

Predictive Services for Drive Systems combines cloud and edge infrastructures to monitor your drives and improve availability and productivity through optimized maintenance. Three service packages are available so you can decide on the level of service you need.

Less risk, more transparency

The free MindSphere Service Transparency app offers you the most important information on your assets, their maintenance details, the spare parts that have been installed, and date-based maintenance notifications. Download the app from the MindSphere app store and take the first step toward higher transparency with preventive maintenance.

Maintaining an overview of your entire fleet everywhere, at all times

Take the transparency and availability of your drives to the next level. The MindSphere app gives you access to predictive analytics – providing you with a reliable decision-making tool for optimizing your plants. You can plan maintenance intervals and planned downtime with greater precision to improve your plant’s productivity.

The Predictive Service Analyzer lets you analyze very large volumes of data in close to real time and identifies defects in the drive system at an early stage, before any unplanned downtime can occur. As a result, you can increase plant availability by as much as 30 percent by reducing production downtime.

Higher efficiency, lower cost

Predictive Service Assistance is a MindSphere app for efficient maintenance. Asset-specific maintenance plans, user-specific task allocation, an assistant for implementation and documentation, and a service logbook with all historical maintenance data support maintenance, improve transparency, and make maintenance work more efficient.


You can also use Predictive Service Assessment to identify anomalies at an early stage and predict potential outages, so you can more accurately plan your maintenance activities. Self-learning algorithms and diagnostic analytics identify potential for improvement in the production process and help you structure your maintenance and operations as efficiently as possible.

The benefits

Prepared for the future – and the competition

With Predictive Services for Drive Systems, you can prepare your shop floor for present and future challenges. And you’ll get valuable, data-based decision-making assistance so you can stay that crucial step ahead of the competition.

Successful applications of Predictive Services for drives

Around the world, plant operators are using Predictive Services for Drive Systems to work even more productively and efficiently.


Learn more about Predictive Services for Drive Systems

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