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Cloud and expert based data analytics

Cloud and expert based data analytics

With SIDRIVE IQ, digitalization pays off with a noticeable impact – day after day: A web-based dashboard keeps you up to date about your drive components’ condition. Thanks to automated status reports and notifications, you are able to react to deviations from accepted standards in an appropriate way early.  You are also connected digitally to the service experts from Siemens, who continuously monitor the components connected to your plant to identify weak points early. If an unpredictable error occurs, we offer direct support for fastest possible troubleshooting.

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Expert Diagnostics

Diagnostics that really get you ahead

Detect anomalies at an early stage and minimize unplanned downtimes

With Expert Diagnostics, you can rely on continuous expert and cloud-based condition monitoring that prevents downtime. Medium-voltage converters and high-voltage motors are monitored by our service experts with the help of cloud-based analyses. 

In the event of an abnormality or deviation, an immediate event notification is initiated. Once the vulnerability has been identified, our service expert will contact you to eliminate the vulnerability as quickly as possible. With long-term data analyses and trend evaluations, expert reports can also be generated with a detailed condition assessment and specific service recommendations.

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Expert Assistance

Expert advice whenever you need it

Correct errors immediately and shorten unplanned downtimes

Expert Assistance ensures that our experts will provide you with digital support for your medium- and high-voltage equipment. In the event of a failure, the cloud-based alarms alert our experts and they’re on the spot immediately to provide direct support for troubleshooting to keep the failure as short as possible. 

In the event of a drive-train fault, an alarm is automatically triggered and reported to the relevant on-call service. A service expert will then contact you directly and help you quickly get the drive up and running again. Thanks to the SIDRIVE IQ platform, the service expert has a comprehensive overview of the operating parameters – with no time-consuming data transfers involved.

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