SIMATIC PCS 7 version discontinued? How to bridge the gap until a scheduled plant upgrade is completed

Legacy System Services

Industrial plants are constantly being rebuilt, modified, adapted. When operating the plant with discontinued SIMATIC PCS 7 versions, the question arises of purchasing obsolete products to bridge the time until a sustainable modernization of the plant with innovative control technology pays off. In addition, competent technical support is indispensable for the safe operation of the plant. After all, the plant must run efficiently and productively at all times in order to remain competitive and at the same time withstand the innovation pressure.

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Expert support and sustainable investment protection

Legacy System Services bridge the time until a planned plant modernization of the SIMATIC PCS 7-based control technology.


Selected components from the product range of obsolete SIMATIC PCS 7 versions are available for this purpose. Together with technical support, the operation of an existing plant is ensured for a period to be specified.


Without the implementation of urgently required upgrades and with reactive management of obsolescence, the risk to plant availability and reliability increases.

System Support

The "System Support" module gives you access to technical support and online documents for obsolete SIMATIC PCS 7 software components.


A Legacy Systems Manager is available for technical inquiries via a central input channel.


Technical experts with appropriate technological know-how coordinate and process all your requests.


"System Support" is a prerequisite for obtaining the "Product Delivery" module.

Product Delivery

With "Product Delivery", you can access defined software components of the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system, whereby the usual warranty rules apply.


However, these components are no longer technically maintained, nor are they adapted to new IT security requirements, for example.


This opens up the attractive option of operating an existing plant with obsolete system components in a secure manner for a defined period of time and even expanding it.

Microsoft Security Patch Validation and Management

  • Are you running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 operating systems in your system?
  • Do you want to keep this system up to date with available security patches?
  • Only security patches officially released for SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.0 / 8.1 should be used?
  • You need competent support for the secure operation of the system?

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Availability of LSS contracts for SIMATIC PCS 7 software products

The table shows an overview of the availability of Legacy System Services (LSS) contracts with terms of one, three, or five years depending on the SIMATIC PCS 7 version used.
Further information on available SIMATIC PCS 7 software components

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The benefits for your plant

As a system becomes older, the number of people with the relevant expertise tends to decrease, in terms of both maintenance and operation. Ensuring that system specialists will be available to deal with obsolete distributed control systems can therefore be a major challenge for your maintenance arrangements.


Legacy System Services give you contractually assured access to our experts in obsolete SIMATIC PCS 7 components.

Expanding an engineering or operator environment always demands system-compatible components if the existing automation system cannot be upgraded in tandem with the expansion work.


Legacy System Services ensure you still have access to a broad selection of obsolete hardware and software components.

The risk of outages and the associated costs increase as a plant gets older. Needed upgrades often fail on account of the level of investment required.


Legacy System Services let you bridge the gap in the short term until the next scheduled system upgrade, giving you cost transparency with calculable risks for maintenance activities, and also assure the productivity of your plant.

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