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Globalization, digitalization, new work, Internet of Things, new business models – our way of working, living and learning is changing rapidly. With SITRAIN, the future of learning begins today: SITRAIN stands for a modern learning culture that focuses on the needs of learners and the demands of innovative companies. For more effective, more flexible, more relevant and more continuous learning. Only SITRAIN – Digital Industry Academy implements knowledge building in the industrial sector in a truly future-oriented manner. Master the transformation of your company into a “learning company” together with us – and create a solid base for innovative strength and greater competitiveness. With SITRAIN – Digital Industry Academy, the future of learning is yours.

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Expand your knowledge, apply what you have learned, build future skills – with SITRAIN

SITRAIN – Digital Industry Academy combines didactically effective methods with modular options. The effect: Knowledge-based competencies are strengthened and secured as a success factor. Because the future viability of your company develops with your employees – supported by a innovative learning offer.
Different methods for maximum learning success

The four building blocks of SITRAIN – Digital Industry Academy

Face-to-face training or digital training, location-independent, 24/7, on-demand or learning at fixed dates and course times? With a personal learning consultant, in a team, or on your own responsibility? Everything is possible. With "Learning Journey", "Learning Membership" and "Learning Event", SITRAIN offers opportunities, in which the following methods are used differently according to the respective demand profile.

Learn the way you want to. For learning success that will take you further.

The perfect combination for a sustainable learning success

  • The content is optimally conveyed and consolidated over several weeks through the mixture of guided live modules and independent self-learning modules
  • A learning membership to work on self-learning modules and to access on-demand content is included
  • The SITRAIN learning consultant is of course available during the live modules, but also for questions and one-on-one discussions during coaching sessions
  • Due to the modular structure, the learning units can be ideally integrated into everyday work and adapted to your own learning pace

Secure knowledge with independent and continuous learning

  • Get access to the extensive and constantly growing range of self-learning units on SITRAIN access, the digital learning platform
  • Search and find specific learning content or just browse – anywhere and anytime
  • Promote a modern learning culture through self-reliant, continuous learning and transparency about the learning success within your team and company

The compact and guided way to acquire knowledge

  • You will reach a set learning goal in the shortest possible amount of time
  • The learning consultant guides you through the practical exercises and is also available to you for the entire duration of the theoretical units
  • Focus on your learning in a protected learning environment away from everyday work: virtually, in the training center, or in your company

Characteristics and differentiation of the learning formats

Learning Journey
Learning Membership
Learning Event
Typical duration
Several weeks
1 year
Several days
Share of self-reliant learning
Share of guided learning with learning consultant
Individual coaching by the learning consultant
Sustainability of what has been learned
Exercise portion
Individual pace of learning
Integration in your work routine
Variety of methods
On-demand knowledge availability
We recommend a learning journey for customers who would like to benefit from both, independent and guided learning for a more sustainable learning success.
We recommend a learning membership for customers who would like to learn independently and continuously.
We recommend a learning event for customers who particularly value fast, guided knowledge acquisition.
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How Siemens starts the Future of Learning

Our learning behavior is changing due to the influence of various trends. Companies need to respond and implement a lifelonglearning culture. SITRAIN supports this trend with innovative industry learning methods. Read this informative article from Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr for more!

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The right knowledge for every field

Training and further education directly from the manufacturer

For your individual knowledge building, the following topics around the industrial product and solution portfolio of Siemens are available. Experience the new learning culture for learning success with SITRAIN!
digitale Anlage TIA Portal

Industrial Automation Systems SIMATIC

To help with the digital transformation, we offer individual and modular knowledge for all aspects of SIMATIC. The emphasis is on training for SIMATIC S7 service and programming. Besides directly addressing the SIMATIC S7-1500 in the TIA Portal and the SIMATIC S7-300 based on SIMATIC STEP 7 V5.x, the training also has content on programming languages, operator control and monitoring systems, drive technology, industrial communications and safety technology.

With SITRAIN, the ideal course awaits. And by the way, more and more of our courses are now also available online.


Training is available for these systems: 

SIMATIC S7-1500, TIA Portal, SIMATIC S7-300/400, SIMATIC S7-1200

SITRAIN kurs vor Ort beim Kunden

Drive Technology

The SITRAIN range for SINAMICS converters offers thorough, detailed knowledge and practical exercises for both beginners and advanced users.


Training is available for these systems: 

SINAMICS S120 and SINAMICS G120 low-voltage converters, SINAMICS G130 / G150 / G180 / S150, SINAMICS medium-voltage converters and SIMOTICS

Kurs Teilnehmer vor der sinumerik

SINUMERIK CNC automation system

Continuing development of expertise in service, project planning and programming with SINUMERIK.

SITRAIN supports you in your everyday work with SINUMERIK. Reliable decisions, skill and innovative strength – these are the areas where SINUMERIK training can help. SINUMERIK courses will teach you how to use the right components and systems in the best possible ways and with the greatest efficiency.  Learn everything about the CNC SINUMERIK automation system in our classroom and online courses, practical and future-oriented. Your learning experience is supported by certified trainers with practical experience.


Training is available for these systems:


simatic pcs neo

Process Control Systems

Process control engineering from Siemens offers pioneering functions and performance levels tailored to the industries and their requirements, with the goal of maximizing flexibility, reliability, and efficiency. The SITRAIN learning offer accompany you on your way to the digital transformation. You become familiarized with the system concept, system functions, and architecture of SIMATIC PCS neo and configure the control system functions on a real training device and a simulated model system.  

The process control systems training teach fundamental information and thorough, detailed knowledge for both beginners and advanced users. Additionally, all SITRAIN courses include an extensive range of practical exercises so that learners can work intensively and directly on training devices in small groups


Training is available for these systems:


Digital Enterprise

Digitalization is already taking hold in many industries, based on the Digital Enterprise Suite from Siemens, the Digital Twin, and interdisciplinary work on a foundation of standardized data management. Add in advances in automation, and you can see it’s vital to stay fully up-to-date and turn new opportunities into new successes. With the learning offer from SITRAIN – Digital Industry Academy, tailored to your individual training needs, you’ll learn how to master this complexity and turn it into a benefit for your business.

Industrial communications

From small sensors through powerful drives, all the way to systems distributed around the world: Automation systems are always based on effective and continuous communication between individual components. The advantages of digitization can only really come into play when all plant areas, from the field level to the cloud, are connected via powerful, flexible and secure communication.

In our training offer for industrial communication, you will learn about these communication standards and discover how to implement their optimal use in your solutions. SITRAIN will provide you with comprehensive and consistent knowledge, from theory all the way creating your own communication model. 


Training is available for these systems:

PROFINET, Industrial Remote, Industrial Ethernet, OPC UA, Industrial Remote Communication and Industrial Security

Industrial Identification and Locating

Industrial processes in the digital enterprise demand total transparency and a high level of customization. Our solutions close the gap between the real and the digital worlds – and create new potentials to add value along the entire production and supply chain. We already offer the industry of the future a unique, consistent end-to-end range of identification and locating systems for customer-specific applications. The connection with TIA enables products are seamlessly integrated in automation solutions.

SITRAIN training is conducted by certified experts with extensive hands-on experience. Certainty in decision-making, skills, and power of innovation all this helps you benefit from  training for the solution strategies of the future. 


Training is available for these systems:

RFID and RTLS-Systems

Operator control and monitoring systems

Siemens HMI products are the intelligent answer to increasingly complex processes and growing demands on the functionality of your machines and systems. Regardless of whether you need to visualize basic functions of a small machine or complicated processes of a large-scale system, HMI is the face of your machine. 

With the SITRAIN learning offer for SIMATIC HMI, you will aquire how to implement visualizations just the way you imagine them whilst taking advantage of the entire functionality of engineering and the devices. The well-designed, modular training program will provide you with a new level of knowledge in a very short space of time. Whether for WinCC V7, WinCC in TIA Portal or WinCC Unified. Whether for beginners or experts. With SITRAIN, the ideal course awaits. And by the way, more and more of our courses are now also available online.


Training is available for these systems:

SIMATIC WinCC Unified in the TIA Portal,  SIMATIC WinCC in the TIA Portal, SIMATIC WinCC V7x, SIMATIC WinCC flexible

Motion Control System SIMOTION

SIMOTION is the innovative motion control system that for the first time combines control and drive environments together, ensuring consistency on a range of hardware platforms.

SITRAIN customized training program lets you deal with the hardware and software components of SIMOTION without difficulty, use the available programming languages, and diagnose and rectify any errors, as appropriate. All this represents a decisive advantage for planning future successes and your further career.

sitrain kurse und online training  niederspannungstechnik

Smart Infrastructure

Smart infrastructure from Siemens makes the world a more connected place. We do this from the macro to the micro level, from physical products, components and systems to connected, cloud-based digital offerings and services.

SITRAIN offers a broad learning portfolio of industrial switching technology solutions and low-voltage power distribution. Whether for beginners or experts. With SITRAIN, the ideal course awaits. And by the way, more and more of our courses are also available online.

Teilnehmerin eiens Online Kurses kommuniziert mit dem Online Trainer

Online Training

SITRAIN Präsenzkurse – jetzt auch digital verfügbar

In Live-Theorievorträgen der SITRAIN Fachreferenten vermitteln wir Ihnen, unter Zuhilfenahme unserer virtuellen Lernumgebung für praktische Übungen, praxisnah vollumfänglich die in den Lernzielen beschriebenen Trainingsinhalte.